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    @nhlovesadri Thank you for cutting her part. I waited until i had free time to watch it properly after i saw the length of the original video because i didn't know Adriana's part lasts 5 minutes. What i noticed in general, when Adriana involves into something, there is always attribution to the Brazil. They asked her to prepare something from Brazilian cuisine or maybe she chose i don't know but i like this. Another thing i notice in the video is, she made it so obvious that she read her line from a monitor or a prompter. I always wanted to see Adriana hosting a TV Show after she ret
  2. patt


    So i confused the time of photoshoot probably, looks so much like this after party look, i forgot the name of the magazine. i remember photographer said on instagram he has more but never shared any, then i unfollowed him.
  3. patt


    i goolge image to remember when was it, it directed me to the bellazon. Actually it was posted at page 1359 at the exact time of the post. One of my favorite looks of her. She shot for a magazine with this look but it came out only 3 or 4 photos.
  4. yes agree about Adriana's behavior on instagram and because of her this habit, we would never know if there is indeed something behind her action.
  5. Lucyford, you meant Milu account not him right, his account is still not active. I don't think it is him who is running the Milu account, it wouldn't be professional. Maybe it was Adriana who removed the account from her follower list but this proves she didn't block the account.
  6. Her BF's birthday is on June 22, it seems she will stay in NYC until then. She can't be asking a bakery for her own BD, right?
  7. She didn't renew any of her long term contracts since she left The Society agency. And CAA doesn't seem that their main focus is the long term contracts, they seem less restrictive than other usual agencies and give more space to their clients to be selective. That's what she wanted to, very understandable but this will definetely affect her financial situation. Now she has right to say no to any work but will make less money. If we consider her age, it is not a bad deal. I'm glad she didn't insist on managing her own career because it must be extra hard to book some after a certain age job wi
  8. Yes,i don't think they unfollowed each other but i don't think it could be for privacy. What is the point of accepting every single follow requests on instagram then deactiving your account for privacy? He shouldn't have accepted people's follow request at first place if he or they want privacy. I see many of her fan started to follow him, he didn't lost a minute to accept my request for example. This doesn't make sense to me. But i don't think they broke up.
  9. @lucyford Are you saying; she unfollowed milu account exactly today? If you ask me; she supposed to unfollow him, his mother and his relatives instead of his bussiness instagram account if there is a problem or if they broke up. Adriana usually does something on instagram that we can't rationalize, this is one of them for me.
  10. patt


    This video reminded me how much i miss her at such events. Almost a year passed since her last interview, it was Vogue Middle East Live, we can't get any information from her since then. I'm curious about her brand, i hope her Vincent Peters photoshoot comes with an interview so she clears some misunderstandings about her agency and brand.
  11. Maybe you missed, her frineds thanked Adriana for the bikins they received as gift from her on their Instagram stories. So at first i thought this might related to her brand, you know she once mentioned that she wants to include a swimwear line to her brand. But i can't find anything more.
  12. patt


    @ekn YouTube doesn't show some videos to the some locations. Mostly, because of copyright issues or leave it to the uploaders preferences. That's why maybe you didn't find. While i was watching this video to see more of Adriana than we got from Instagram post, i noticed Lenny Kravitz was the performer at the event too. So maybe this is the event they met at. Dates matches.
  13. patt


    @nhlovesadri new to me too. it was posted even with the full one above your post.
  14. patt


    But it says live stream, isn't it? Maybe it will be partially live. I didn't even completely understand what will this be about but if this will indeed be live stream then they should make an exception for Adriana's part or keep it very short. Because the date is very speacial for her.
  15. He posted a story says ''Sometimes all it takes... (random photo of Adriana's eyes) ... is a few shades of blue to bring some color to your life. #IFLY'' thats it. He seems private and i don't think will share much about her. Can someone tell me why Adriana keeps send bikini to her friends recently , is it related to her bussiness? I remember she said she wants to own a swimwear brand. But i didn't notice anything if she started her bussiness.
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