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she's so beautiful :wub:  that close up pic is unreal :wub: 


Nino isn't that big photographer but he definitely captures her very good, like he shows her natural in and out beauty, we've seen some really gorgeous shots of Gi by him through the years.

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On 10/21/2018 at 7:36 PM, LAM said:

Covers 2018

A154016159917863_1.jpg A154016159917863_2.jpg A154016159917863_3.jpg A154016159917863_4.jpg A154016159917863_5.jpg A154016159917863_6.jpg A154016159917863_7.jpg A154016159917863_8.jpg A154016159917863_9.jpg A154016159917863_10.jpg A154016159917863_11.jpg A154016159917863_12.jpg A154016159917863_13.jpg A154016159917863_14.jpg A154016159917863_15.jpg A154016159917863_16.jpg A154016159917863_17.jpg 



Vogue Italy 10-2018

T15401613271784460_1.jpg T15401613271784460_2.jpg T15401613271784460_3.jpg T15401613271784460_4.jpg T15401613271784460_5.jpg T15401613271784460_6.jpg T15401613271784460_7.jpg T15401613271784460_8.jpg T15401613271784460_9.jpg T15401613271784460_10.jpg T15401613271784460_11.jpg T15401613271784460_12.jpg T15401613271784460_13.jpg T15401613271784460_14.jpg 


Source stefmodels

Wow! Thank you! This was a nice compilation.

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