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  1. And I am so happy to receive this one from Hong Kong which is very rare 2 weeks ago. It cost a lot but It make me so happy when I have them 😃
  2. Thanx Guys for your support The site exist since 2012 and it' really a hard work as I spent everyday at minimum between 2h /day. I remembered one day I spent 8 hours doing the research & updates And it's also a lot of money spent too. The last magazine I bought (with Gisele) cost me 40€ (magazine + shipping from Australia). Yesterday I received a mag with Cindy from Mexico which cost me 25€. I have ordered some magazines from UK (60€ without shipping). And I ordered some greek mags which total is 55€. And I earned nothing with my website. I refused to allow advertising windows which would help me 25€ a month. But it's not about money, I don't want those multiples windows opening. And I think it's better for fans who visit stefmodels, not to have to close windows all the time.
  3. I canceled it as I think no one cares about my site. I have a weborama stats which tell me how much visitors per day and it's really not a lot.
  4. New Esquire Mexico October 2021
  5. Thanx for these new ads 😍 So busy to add credits but I finally did it for some eds
  6. It was long but I finally add some credits for some. Still missing a lot of credits. Now u can use the search for everything except covers
  7. LAM


    thanx Ariana for all these HQ pics 😍😘
  8. Diva Wohnen Austria Fall 2021 "Glas und Lanschaft " Photos by Derek Henderson
  9. http://stefmodels.com/ This is the main link, then u can click on the models u want I will love to have more links but it's already a lot of works with those, even if I plan to add Linda Evangelista or Tatjana Patitz in the future There are nothing on Bar Refaeli except cover. I did this for a friend of mine Still working on : - Events for Christy / Cindy / Helena / Karen / Claudia - Runway for Claudia
  10. Thanx for the pics do you have the tittle page?
  11. So if you have some unseen pics or missing in my website. Thanx for sharing
  12. Yes her face is incredible ! Welcome to the world of stefmodels 😜
  13. Happy you like it 😊 But It's not over. I have to put all the photographer's credits, some events pictures And I just start Claudia Schiffer since June. a lot of work but so many pleasure to have the best models in a website
  14. Lol it's my website Here is another website of mine http://www.bundchen-brady.com/
  15. OMG where did u find that? giselebundchenonline best source !
  16. http://www.stefmodels.com/zpages/ads_year.php?model=christyturlington&annee=1987
  17. It's because you never check www.stefmodels.com XD
  18. Good Luck to Kaiagerber.us Kaia is deleted from stefmodels
  19. Thanx for your help. I don't know why I put Netherlands for Nok Lapja but the file has the right country.
  20. The editorial Three's company
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