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  1. Claudia is amazing. I think Claudia will join stefmodels in the future 🙂
  2. Those pics posted by Sheperd, Balenciaga and Zoeh about models outside walking with the dogs, coming out from gym, rest in the beach ... all these stuffs are so boring.
  3. Celine Spring Summer 2021 by Hedi Slimane
  4. 1. Cosmopolitan Russia April 1997 2. Cosmopolitan Spain November 1995 3. Marie Claire Turkey February 1997
  5. More from this mag, all Spring Summer 1992 My big big scans 😉
  6. Thanx I did not verified when I posted them but yes it's Genny. All scans come from this magazine
  7. 1992 - Luciano Soprani SS
  8. 1992 - Harriet Selling SS
  9. 1992 - Genny SS (Modified thanx To ArianaVScouture 👏)
  10. Thanx for all these new pics
  11. It has been published in the catalog
  12. In the past, I did keep only pages about my favorites models and wrote the date at the back of the page. I am sorry not to help you as I sold all my Karen stuffs years ago.
  13. LAM


    You are welcome @ArianaVSCouture I check 2nd pic but I have no idea
  14. As always, Ariana you ROCK !! Thanx for all these 😍
  15. LAM


    @ArianaVSCouture Pic 3 & 4 is Vivienne Westwood RED LABEL FW 1998 http://www.firstview.com/collection_images.php?id=6646#.X-PLjen0k89
  16. LAM


    First pic is John Bartlett SS 1998
  17. I sent you many private messages since 2018 without no answers and now u replied 😆 As you did not respond to my messages, I decided to cut the tags (you bought??????) to make you react. I told u in my private messages about that. If you were correct with me, I won't need to cut the tags off. And cutting the tags takes me a lot of time, and it's boring. And of course, you don't remember the link where you took them so it's easier to put the fault on others. Some photos post on bellazon by others, you took them and put your tag. Do u respect them?? Do u know they spent time searching on internet? I don't care about credits, I just want my scans not to be tagged by anyone. If I really need credits, I will tag all my scans. I'm not against you using my scans on your website. The problem is that you tagged them as if it was your work. Many of my scans from stefmodels are in in the Fashion spot or here. But I don't care as they are not tagged. I made a website for sharing with the fans, so they are free to get the HQ scans if they need. Many of my Gisele scans are used on another Gisele Website. It does not disturb me. My scans are not tagged. This is about respect. If u don't respect my work , I won't respect yours. It's easy to understand.
  18. @Zoeh: If you access to the Photo Gallery, many info are missing. You have to guess what is the runway brand? Missing editorials? Missing campaign? Missing covers? And they take your scans and tag to their website? That's why I put many of my files in tiny size so they can not steal 🤑
  19. My scans from Snoecks Catalog 1993 The Netherlands Edition
  20. Thanx for these Salvatore Ferragamo runway It's crazy how you surprised me everytime when you share your archive WELL DONE Ariana
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