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Nicole Beach


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Hey, saw that there is no topic about Nicole Beach. I find her very beautiful and classy

I only have these 2 editorials, if anyone else has something, please post :)

“Knockout”, Cosmopolitan US, June 1991

Photographer : Barry Hollywood

Model : Nicole Beach

Stylist : Sandra De Nicolais

Makeup : Michael Sanders

Hair : Michael Sanders

e9e1d3182226771.jpg d3c3ad182226779.jpg 4ba282182226781.jpg 5e3985182226787.jpg cde644182226791.jpg

"Baby Doll", Vogue Italia, February 1992

Model : Nicole Beach

Stylist : Anna Dello Russo

444855182226852.jpg a074b9182226855.jpg a0e09b182226859.jpg 65fb86182226861.jpg

Source : Imc Magazine

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A comic book?  Lol. Is there a link for that? 


Nicole never seems to have become that big.  If that stunning, Cindy-ish NY magazine cover (post #7)  didn't launch her career, I don't know what would have.   The Esquire mag cover I remember; I never knew that was her.


She reminds me of Lorri Bagley in several of her pics, e.g. those editorials at the top of the thread.

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