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Doutzen Kroes


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Probably only if she gets the SI cover but I think SI always choose the covermodel when all the shoots with all the models are a wrap

I dont think a major topmodel would take the risk shooting for SI and ending up inside the magazine instead of on that SI cover

I am sure she would say YES if they would ask her for the SI cover


Weekendbladparty February 10 2015


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She's too old to start SI right now tho, but considering Doutzen isn't a household name in the US she can't ask for a cover. However, being in SI could hurt her reputation a little in the HF world so IDK if it would be a good idea.


That being said, I don't think SI and Doutzen would be a good mix at all, I don't think she fits there tbh, I'd love to see her doing the Pirelli Calendar soon tho.

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^ Actually it would help her instead of hurting her. There are models who have done both SI and high fashion and they have done it at the same age as Doutzen. Carolyn Murphy who is a hf darling got her cover in 2005, when she was 30 years old, same as Doutzen. Now I think with Doutzen's status as a major model, what would hurt is if she does anything else besides a cover. A cover would help her get known in US, something VS did not push for, plus it's a great way to ultimately go to acting as she wants.

I have been wondering about SI and Doutzen as soon as she left VS. It would be amazing to see her on the cover.

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How is she too old? How old is she 28/29? If shes too old, then Jessica Gomes, Chrissy Tiegen, Irina Shayk, Ariel Meredith, Lily Aldridge, and Genevieve Morton lied to SI about their ages.. They are 29, 29, 29, 28, 28, and 28 respectively. Lily just started last year. 

Why would she be too old to start SI? She just walked the VS fashion show, if anything she is over qualified for SI, i.e. she would have to gain some weight because VS wants their angels to be overly toned.


If Doutzen wanted to do SI, she would just show up and they would happily put her in SI. She probably doesn't want to do it. She seems happy with having free time and experiencing her family life.


If she starts her own line of lingerie or swimwear like people have been speculating, maybe she would do SI to promote her line. 

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I think she is too old to be a rookie, she'd be 30 by the time the next magazine comes out, that would make her the oldest rookie ever and I doubt SI would agree to give her a cover just like that, she's not enough of a household name in the US to get a guaranteed cover for SI. Lily got it because she was in a group shoot with Nina and Chrissy, had she been alone there is no way she would have been on the cover.


And while she does have a great body she doesn't fit SI IMO, the girls there are more girl next door looking. All the models y'all are using as example were in the magazine more than a decade ago, times have changed and SI is clearly (and sadly) not using the same type of women they used to have. 

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Some pics could have been a Cavalli campaign :p

But I dislike the cover pic mostly because of the very heavy make up on the eyebrows :( the make up is on the skin and eyebrows, instead of just on the eyebrows

Mo is just not a prof. hair/make up stylist or whatever he think he is...Sometimes I ask myself if he has poop in his eyes because his work is often soo bad/carelessly

Hopefully he will follow some courses in the summer holidays


doutzen instagram

Good morning selfie


She is shooting something on the beach :p

Instagram video



The heavy make-up on the eyebrows again turn me off

It does not look natural at all..nobody goes to the beach with heavy dark makeup on the eyebrows

So curious what kind of beachshoot this is

Perhaps more photos for the H&M summer campaign? But hopefully this is for June/July Vogue Paris because those are my fav Vogue Paris covers

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I dont think age should have anything to do with SI. What is the average age of an SI subscriber? People younger than 30 don't buy magazines anymore.


There are no rules for SI. Its up to the people that run the magazine's swimsuit issue. Doutzen is one of the most famous models in the world and a VS angel for years. She has a large following on instagram and twitter. SI would love to have her.

She could be a rookie and she could be heavily featured and get the cover. Some SI models were heavily featured as rookies including Kate Upton, Nina Agdal, and Hannah Davis. Lily Aldridge got the cover as a rookie. There are no rules. No one would be surprised if Doutzen was in SI.


I also don't agree with the girl next door notion. I never saw a girl next door being Russian, Israeli, or Brazilian but SI puts those kind of girls on the cover. Unless you live in SOHO or the lower east side nowadays. 

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She's shooting French Vogue with Gilles Bensimon and styled by Geraldine Saglio.

Great but how do you know that?

Toooo bad he never shoot a cover for Vogue Paris


I saw Doutzen following on instagram Geraldine Saglio and Gilles Bensimon and i checked Geraldine Saglio's instagram and she's in Miami and posted that

"Our new assistant at french vogue @gilles_bensimon"


Either way you can check her instagram, it's @sagliogeraldine

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