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Yulia Drummond


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Yulia Drummond


Place of birth: Kyrgyzstan

Date of birth: ? , 1983

"At the age of 14, Yulia’s looks caught the attention of a leading modeling agency. Before long, her picture was seen on everything from billboards to water bottles, as well as taking top honors at beauty pageants throughout the country. Within a few years, she was Kyrgyzstan’s top model."

"Yulia continued working as a print, commercial and runway model, gaining recognition as a sought-after cover model for top magazines – most recently making the cover of Fitness Magazine in March 2010."

With her husband Dustin's help, Yulia designed her own swimwear line: Voda Swim

Voda swim

post-10565-0-1446024309-91107_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024310-25262_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024310-72881_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024312-33088_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024312-82386_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024313-2157_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024313-6272_thumb.jpeg post-10565-0-1446024314-78153_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024314-80944_thumb.jpeg post-10565-0-1446024314-84046_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024314-86051_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024314-94838_thumb.jpeg post-10565-0-1446024314-97329_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024315-00866_thumb.jpeg post-10565-0-1446024315-03317_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024315-07484_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024315-10338_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024315-13314_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024315-15364_thumb.jpeg post-10565-0-1446024315-16821_thumb.jpeg post-10565-0-1446024315-18815_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024315-21008_thumb.jpeg post-10565-0-1446024315-23312_thumb.jpg post-10565-0-1446024315-26765_thumb.jpeg post-10565-0-1446024315-28864_thumb.jpeg

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You HAVE to add a Bio. Otherwise I will have to nominate this thread for deletion.

As far as I know no thread will be deleted because it doesn't have bio, honey, so relax :hug:

But thanks for taking care of getting the damn thing! :hehe::flower:



When I posted that, you guys were gung ho about threatening to delete topics. A lot of topics are missing for one reason or another. The last thing I want to do is lose threads because they aren't properly maintained with the correct format or even title. The moderation staff has changed so much over the past few years and as result so have the rules of this forum. When I joined here, you guys harped on certain things. Now, they are totally different which makes sense but it's obviously not a good habit to put a bio. It's not like years ago when it was hard to find this stuff. Models have agencies and stats and should be stated.


Yulia Drummond

Nationality: Russian

Height 5'9"
Bust 34" B
Waist 24"
Hips 34"
Shoes 9
Hair Brown



Wilhelmina Models Los Angeles



She is the owner of Voda Swimwear

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