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Izabel Goulart

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Izabel, Juliana Imai and Nina (hair stylist) at Animale backstage

post-1609-1251414173_thumb.jpg post-1609-1251414198_thumb.jpg post-1609-1251414256_thumb.jpg

post-1609-1251414332_thumb.jpg post-1609-1251414406_thumb.jpg

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Hello guys! Long time no post here.

Thank you all for the pics, they all look fantastic, as always. And i loved the Newport ones, her eye-contact with the camera keeps going better and better.

I have a new! There will be an event in october, matching fashion and music together, called Oi Fashion Rocks, and many designers, singers and great models already confirmed that they will be there. So, in the middle of all these people, guess who is in? YEAH THAT'S RIGHT, Izabel will be there! I'm so thrilled, she'll walk for Lenny, Versace, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs. LOOK AT IT! :D I'll do whatever it takes to be there, no kidding.

Anyway, new pics for you guys: It's from Fashion's Night Out, a beneficient event that will happen on sep 10th all over the world to spread fashion and finish the recession of the economy.



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Thanks Amanda!!!!!

Can´t wait... finally Izabel again... I missed her heavily and finally we see her again, because she was really lost since July lol

Thanks!! :heart:

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