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Britney Spears


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I agree, I miss the Old Brittney. She was so hot (even if some of those pics are air brushed)!! She needs to Kick Kevin to the Curb!!!! That piece of sh** is spending all her money. doing nothing but Knocking her up every chance he gets. BTW, When is Kevin going to get off his a** and get a job?

Hey look, She was cute, pretty, beautiful whatever you call it. she can do it again if she worked really hard. She needs to shed this white trash image and get back in the saddle. She was once considered the sexiest women of 2002, and now in 2006 she's not even on the list. I really feel for her.

What get's me is that no one is helping distance herself from this Low life loser. I think he has threatened her life if she ever left. I think she is scared for her safety, incuding her kid(s) and close family. It wouldn't surprise me!!

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