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  1. Do you know that she is the face of the new Gucci fragrance?
  2. Brit

    Scarlett Johansson

    Well I have to say Matchpoint, but Lost in Translaion was great too. The island was ok. And the otheers I haven't seen... shame on me!
  3. So what does she do these days? Is Marc's wife?
  4. F*ck, she has my style!!!!
  5. Brit

    Scarlett Johansson

    I don't be leive Scarlett and Justin thing too... but then again... I didn't belive the Brad and Angeline thang to, because it was too good to be true!
  6. yup, he is. I think he is a friend of her.
  7. She has birthday tomorrow, thats mean... more party <_<
  8. BRITNEY'S NEW HOBBY Since becoming best friends with Paris Hilton, Britney's turned into a party animal overnight. The singer has been snapped out and about with her new pal at all of L.A's hottest nightclubs, and now it seems Paris is teaching Britney a new hobby
  9. Congratualtions! But the name... poor boy!
  10. I watched it! Bahar is the most talented of the three I think and Manday has just an amazing voice. And Senna... the word "cool" gets a new meaning!
  11. Does Britney now want Paris's publicity?
  12. Brit

    Eva Green

    btw I think it was her eyes, hwhy they picked her
  13. Brit


    There are no words to describe her if I could buy looks... it would be hers
  14. she looooooks soooooo goooood!
  15. errrrrrrrrrrr...... he idiot calls Britney a bitch, now when he has spent half of her money. Way to go, Kevin :x
  16. Brit

    Monica Bellucci

    Why isn't she the new bond girl? Wouldn't it fun her to be like the next a little "older" Bond-babe?!? Like a blonde Bond falls in for a Snow White beauty...
  17. Brit

    Lindsay Lohan

    She is kissing Donna Karan!
  18. In short: she is not going to be a singer now, just it was only for Christmas and for Douglas. And she said that she doesn't even know if she can good sing, it was more "studio magic"
  19. Ummm... has anybody heard this song? Sounds like fun
  20. They are both wonderfully beautiful kids
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