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Actresses competition


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Hi :blush: this competition will be like models competition, but with actresses. We have categories such as eyes, nose, lips, smile, hair and body overwall. can you suggest other categories, if you want.

You can nominate, I want 6 shots. 3 pics of face, 3 pics of body would be good. I know it's hard to find pictures of the body of some of these actresses. If you do not find three pictures of the body, pics where they are dressed will not be bad, a dress that just showing the curves, a short skirt, a neck...

I look for the pics if you want. just tell me


1. Angelina Jolie (by COP11)

2. Salma Hayek (by COP11)

3. Rose Rollins (by COP11)

4. Fan Bingbing (by COP11)

5. Maggie Cheung (by COP11)

6. Sarah Shahi (by COP11)

7. Winter Ave Zoli (by COP11)

8. Katherine Moennig (by COP11)

9. Maggie Siff (by COP11)

10. Amber Heard (by prettyphile)

11. Charlize Theron (by Theron)

12. Kate Beckinsale (by Theron)

13. Mila Kunis (by Theron)

14. Olga Kurylenko (by Theron)

15. Olivia Wilde (by Theron)

16. Odette Yustman (by Theron)

17. Jessica Alba (by Theron)

18. Diane Kruger (by Theron)

19. Zoe Saldana (by Theron)

20. Emma Stone (by Theron)

21. Cobie Smulders (by Theron)

22. Kristin Kreuk (by Theron)

23. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (by Theron)

24. Ashley Greene (by Theron)

25. Katie Mcgrath (by me)

26. Michelle Ryan (by me)

27. Jennifer Love Hewitt (by ILUVAdrianaLima)

28. Lacey Chabert (by ILUVAdrianaLima)

29. Rachel Bilson (by ILUVAdrianaLima)

30. Kaley Cuoco (by ILUVAdrianaLima)

31. Evangeline Lilly (by ILUVAdrianaLima)

32. Sophia Bush (by ILUVAdrianaLima)

33. Rachel McAdams (by ILUVAdrianaLima)

34. Halle Berry (by ILUVAdrianaLima)

35. Emmy Rossum (by ILUVAdrianaLima)

36. Hayden Panettiere (by ILUVAdrianaLima)

37. Diane Lane (by COP11)

38. Julianne Moore (by COP11)

39. Thandie Newton (by COP11)

40. Paz Vega (by COP11)

41. Eva Mendes (by COP11)

42. Mia Wasikowska (by Jennka)

43. Kate Winslet (by Jennka)

44. Megan Fox (by Jennka)

45. Keira Knigtley (by Jennka)

46. Gong Li (by Jennka)

47. Ziyi Zhang (by Jennka)

48. Emma Watson (by Jennka)

49. Kristen Stewart (by Jennka)

50. Melanie Laurent (by Jennka)

51. Leighton Meester (by Umbrella Beach)

52. Emma Roberts (by Umbrella Beach)

53. Nina Dobrev (by Umbrella Beach)

54. Britt Robertson (by Umbrella Beach)

55. Jennifer Lawrence (by Umbrella Beach)

56. Deborah Ann Woll (by Umbrella Beach)

57. Eva Green (by Michael*)

58. Shannyn Sossamon (by Michael*)

59. Karen Gillan (by Michael*)

60. Gemma Chan (by Michael*)

61. Rose Byrne (by Michael*)

62. Gemma Arterton (by Michael*)

63. Freida Pinto (by Michael*)

64. Malin Akerman (by Michael*)

65. Milla Jovovich (by Michael*)

66. Natalie Portman (by Chocolate)

67. Penelope Cruz (by NYBella)

68. Phoebe Tonkin (by sarnic)

69. AnnaLynne McCord (by Ketrin)

70. Kristen Bell (by Ketrin)

71. Minka Kelly (by Ketrin)

72. Maggie Grace (by Ketrin)

73. Eva Longoria (by Ketrin)

74. Jessica Stroup (by Ketrin)

75. Katie Cassidy (by Ketrin)

76. Ashley Benson (by Ketrin)

77. Amanda Seyfried (by Ketrin)

78. Meagan Good (by COP11)

79. Jada Pinkett Smith (by COP11)

80. Chiaki Kuriyama (by COP11)

81. Lin Peng (by COP11)

82. Julianna Margulies (COP11)

83. Blanca Suárez (by COP11)

84. Ana De Armas (by COP11)

85. Alice Greczyn (by vanessaaa)

86. Kate Hudson (by stars)

87. Evan Rachel Wood (by stars)

88. Jennifer Connelly (by stars)

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Charlize Theron

Kate Beckinsale

Mila Kunis

Olga Kurylenko

Olivia Wilde

Odette Yustman

Jessica Alba

Diane Kruger

Zoe Saldana

Emma Stone

Cobie Smulders

Kristin Kreuk

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Ashley Greene

Do I have to send 6 pics for each? :ninja:

Well, then maybe I will "unnominate" some.

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