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Kristine Frøseth

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52 minutes ago, princesswind said:

THANK YOU!!! :thumbs_up:

you're welcome :blush:

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Machka SS2016 Lookbook
Photographer Tamer Yilmaz 
Hair styling Ferit Belli 
makeup Serkan Parmaksızoğlu


5d94ca468685936.jpg 20d795468685961.jpg 95e57d468685982.jpg d26da3468686020.jpg a2a150468686036.jpg c4a09f468686052.jpg 4255d5468686087.jpg 42d69b468686103.jpg 



119bb2468687455.jpg 21738c468687469.jpg 46f1d7468687493.jpg a384c0468687506.jpg a6cb12468687525.jpg 90d189468687537.jpg bd9d41468687541.jpg d2e2d2468687550.jpg c0189a468687558.jpg 91c53d468687563.jpg 999088468687571.jpg 732e4c468687580.jpg 08040d468687588.jpg a32d01468687594.jpg 334213468687600.jpg 93fb87468687605.jpg 6d6cdc468687615.jpg 87f97c468687617.jpg 2406ce468687624.jpg f38a2a468687630.jpg f43209468687640.jpg 



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Kristine for WELOVENYC

I don't know what is it. But they are writing:  "3 minutes. One-take interviews. New Yorkers. LAUNCHING MARCH 4th!"


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Harper’s Bazaar Serbia April 2016

photographed by Angelo D’Agostino

styled by Sandy Armeni.

makeup by Pamela Cochrane


e385f6473575295.jpg 307c8d473575299.jpg 92bc1f473575303.jpg 82b1c1473575306.jpg 0e6039473575309.jpg ad8f8c473575312.jpg 01b77c473575315.jpg a116b8473575318.jpg 1974e7473575323.jpg fac381473575325.jpg 1666e3473575329.jpg 

source: fashiongonerogue

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