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Kristine Frøseth

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On 11.12.2015 at 11:42 PM, paalessandra said:

finally see IAN BARLIN, the lucky man (/friend...?)


her message: "You alright ian al b #365grateful"




You alright ian al b #365grateful.jpg


I hope they together))) They so cuuuuuuute!!!!! :heart::rolleyes:

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I so want to see Kristine on cover Vogue Russia or Elle Russia (my favorite magazines). Actually i will be glad to see her on any russian cover.

Than i could be buy this magazines and save at home)))

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ELLE Norway February 2016

Ph: Jorgen Gomnæs 
Styling: Connie Berg 
Hair: Nicolas Eldin
Make up: Yacin Diallo 


24985182_12466013_882899151829044_400499 24985183_12471567_882899178495708_893197 24985184_12489188_882899061829053_479889 24985185_12489304_882899201829039_591471 24985186_12491815_882899208495705_647155 24985187_12491945_882899211829038_575454 24985188_12493387_882899138495712_881669 24985189_12493695_882899071829052_515622 24985190_12496399_882899135162379_337568

source: TFS

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