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Lily Aldridge


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6 hours ago, BAGGOT said:

Stunning. Her face is perfection. I think her hair--which is beautiful but not adventurous--could have given us more, but my gosh! She's back!!

Definitely, that was my one minor complaint. Her hair looked gorgeous but it was a little safe for the theme. I'd have liked her makeup to be a little more bold too, but Quinn used an interesting eyeliner color on her so it was something. Maybe she didn't want to compete too much with the dress? Either way, she looked amazing and I loved her choice of dress.

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The dress--gloves or gloved sleeves--awesome. The black contrasted with the color was dramatic and hot at the same time. Were there any after-party pictures with her? I've only seen gala shots.

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Thanks @ceceshores. That was my thought too; I remember that she'd traveled with the kids (at least both were in the picture of her setting out for NYC). These latest IG shots are lovely. The black and white in particular. Utterly biased fanboy comment: I love what she said about how continuing to shoot with the Ralph team made her feel so good. Of course, she was/is/remained and remains beautiful, but in their business, I can only imagine how fragile that feels--especially as contracts end or business relationships change. Very affirming to be wanted throughout, as she should have been. So glad that she's branched out in positive ways as well, diversifying what she shoots and when. Balancing life and career can be so hard for all of us, and balancing the two careers in their house must be even more so. Further reason to appreciate her professionalism and respect her choices. :heart: 

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@BAGGOT totally agree. Reading that LRL wanted to work with her throughout her pregnancy (to the point they flew everyone out to Nashville to shoot) makes me like them even more as a brand. I hope she continues to work with them because she's a perfect fit.


That picture of Lily with Dixie and Winston is next level cute, one of my favorites she's posted. ❤️


Some more IG updates:

JSpdgoi.jpg VQXiuUU.jpg eOc9OoB.jpg



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Guys thanks for all ads. 

She looks wonderful after pregnancy. It served to her. 

Love that make up from gala met, even that red? Purple? Eyeshadow. Flawless skin as always. Any bad taste in it. But her dress hmmm. It's sth what really fit in :)

Cant wait her fragrance line. I, m sure it will be sth sophisticated and extraordinary. Maybe some italian influence? 

Screenshot_2019-05-16-01-39-46-1.png Screenshot_2019-05-16-01-39-16-1.png 413d2f459510e2207a2cc3b6d56404c0.jpg a16e6a68f1b928909763e8035044b4c2.jpg 2cc9fe4bd3f063ed293cde71904982f2.jpg a1ffdcfb08e924a3897386c768f459e7.jpg e381edc75be7a3a523dd722c3379fbd6.jpg 00cb4087becc028884ab196e4ded37e1.jpg b3a801615a1fbe78dd368b36e04ea5e1.jpg

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