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Raquel Zimmermann


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Last day of Fashion week:

Louis Vuitton F/W 09.10

louis1.jpg louis2.jpg

Miu Miu F/W 09.10


Now let's speculate campaigns :chicken: :rofl: I want her to get Versace and Camilla wants Chanel :laugh: but let's be realistic. :p

I think she has a chance with Valentino considering the new designer likes her, it depends on who's shooting. But I really want her Meisel campaign! She usually gets one by year, and she didn't get any last season so hopefully he won't forget Raquel, and they just worked together for US Vogue so it's not unlikely. I don't know if she'll repeat Marc but I think there's a bigger chance of repeating Oscar de la Renta.

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:rofl: I always want Chanel! Karl she is way better than Heidi Mount!

I think she has a chance of repeating Oscar, maybe with Jourdan Dunn though. She is also perhaps back in the race for Italian campaigns after doing Milan fashion week for the first time in a year and someone give her a french campaign for me :laugh: in the credit crunch surely raquel is cheaper than madonna or supermodels.. maybe sorrenti will give her a campaign as well.

and i'd forgotten about her US Vogue cover, i hope she gets the front not the foldout this time anna!

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I'd love to see her doing Missoni! Or Alberta Ferreti, she walked for them for the first time, and Meisel shoots both, that would be awesome :yes: Or something with Lily D :laugh:

I think she'll be on the front, I hope it's three models like september 2004 so we can see the models' faces properly. she's shooting more for US Vogue than Trentini!

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