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Raquel Zimmermann


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^ fery :woot:! hii!

an interview i found i spent about a million years translated it but i don't mind as raquel i think is going to be in a big supermodel edit :woot: (maybe the vanity fair one!)



Part One

"My dream is to be on the cover of Vogue America" Raquel Zimmermann, the present number 1 model in the world, speeks of the her path, of professionalism, of racism and anorexia"

Paulo Borges

MOMENTS BEFORE She enters the boiling backstage of Animale, in the quintafeira 19, Raquel, with good total humor and amusement, smiled when I remove the recorder: "I am going to do an interview with you, here and now!" Twelve years after the SPFW began, our meetings are summarized to the short and delicious moments of the preparation for a new parade and a new collection. In that climate, I get to talk with the present number 1 in the world, a talk that went beyond fashion. The conversation stretched to her career, political, racism, anorexia and, after all, about Brazil. With you Raquel Zimmermann:

Is it recording? We are going to begin... How is it going being number 1? It is going to be like it always was, isn't that so? About five years ago, I had the privilege to begin to work with everyone in fashion, and I find that was why that the site (models.com) elected me number one, but nothing changed since I was chosen, because what went happened before me caused it. It is a construction, the change occurred before.

We live in a historical moment for the fashion in Brazil... Because all you (top Brazilian models) were born in the same moment. I remember all of you arriving. The parades still by the a lot morning early of the Glória Coelho in the MAM. You have that memory? To Biennial, the Gloria Coelho, that is your fan, the beginning of everything, of the SPFW? I love Gloria, and Reinaldo, and Pedro, they are supercreative. Always, from the beginning I have worked with them. But the first show I did in the SPFW was a show for Ellus, which was a completely black collection... It was completely black... I remember that it was a fashion statement! An incredible history! Soon in the first parade that one was... who knows? To be in the Biennial show, in a show of that size, was incredible, a dream!

Did you ever imagine you'd be the number one model on the planet? No i did not imagine. I think that ir was you in SPFW, that always believed, always wanted; but, at the moment it is difficult to believe, do you understand? It seems like a dream!

The career of a model is very selective, many people want it, great girls, in Brazil and in the world. Many adolescents want to be models so much, as well as the boys want to be footballers. What advice would you give for a 15, 16-year-old girl?

Keep your feet in the ground. You need Responsibility, Will power. And always listen to the advice of your mother and father. However much it looks it daydreams and fun, fashion is a serious, hard work, and the models that do well they are the professionals.

There has been a recent wave, in the two last years, that in a certain form people try to link fashion to anorexia, and to the life of the models. We are inside the fashion and we know that is not quite so. Any advice that you would be able to givr in this question of food? I think that which model is the word: she is a model. It is not only the appearance! It is a lifestyle, is a history of energy. As model you set an example. Then, eat healthy food, practice sports... This thing about anorexia is inconceivable because if you eat well and exercise, you have the best body. Who wants a model that has skin falling off and bones, it is ugly that! I find that to have healthy muscle is a pretty thing... There are persons you can see, who always support the healthy models, Patricia Carta (director of Vogue Brazil) supports, and Anna Wintour (editor of Vogue America) also, the models in Vogue America have a body, have a healthy life. I find that anorexia is not anything, for the models that are beginning, that is not the way.

You talked about Anna Wintour, we are going to enter in an another one question that people take for a crooked, or better, simplistic road. You are the number 1 and you are blonde with blue eyes. American Vogue is judged to be racist. I particularly, do not I find that magazine to be racist, I think that the questions must be discussed more deeply. You live in the world of the fashion, in the world completely. As you face this subject? Look inside the new Vogue America there is an editorial with the new top black models, and the newest of is Chanel Iman, but it has several lovely black girls. That question: is fashion racist? ...Independently of color, people over the whole world buy fashion, it is a question of attention. Black people are there, healthy and pretty, and they need to be participating, and not alone black people, Asians, everyone. we can not polarize this discussion. The world is not made up of white and black only. It has the people of Asia, of India, and I think that there is going to be globalization! The more it is mixed, the prettier it will be.

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Part Two

An unforgettable moment of your career until today? When I opened the Prada show, I forget the year, but it was like this... I was here in Brazil, my Milan agent called me and said that to Miuccia Prada wanted to see me. I already photographed with Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia regularly, but Miuccia has so much... How do I say it? respect? This, I find that she impacts, influences! Her fashion is what she wants to show , and never looks in return to see what the others are doing. When she spoke that the model whom she wanted was Raquel, finally... after that everything changed.

And what was the most difficult moment? I think that was leaving Brazil when I was new and going Abroad, without knowing any English. I was very young, it was difficult! That distance from friends and family.

A hint for the models that are beginning. A thing that I did not do and would do, if I could go back, is learning how to speak English before starting to model internationally.

How is it to be in that environment, lost, young and alone? Oh, a total surprise, a fascination! But at the same time, you feel like fish outside of water, you cannot go and speak your opinion... it is terrible!

What is your fear? Ah, I want the world to improve in general! Sometimes I get frightened that the world does not evolve, does not improve! I always think that things can improve.

What have you still not done and dream to do in fashion? A dream that several models must have is going to do the cover of Vogue America alone... I have done it already with other girls, with the super support of Anna Wintour, but alone it is different. Abroad everything is covered with actresses, the dream for me is doing a cover of this Vogue alone, alone in Vogue, it would be incredible!

Do you ever think about being an actress?

I have never thought and I do not think about being an actress. I do not know if it is for me. But if David Lynch asked me to do a movie it is clear I am going to accept! (laughs)

How many years more are you going to work as a model? It is difficult to say, because like this... You never know with modelling. Linda Evangelista for example, has the same agent that I have. She already what 40? I worked with her and she is lovely, dazzling! One never knows.

In the boom of your career, you are living through the revival of the supermodels, how does that make you feel... It gives me a tremendous shudder! It was did a job, and when I saw that the models were Christy (Turlington), Linda (Evangelista), Naomi (Campbell), and Claudia (Schiffer)!! When I began, they had already stopped working, and now they have returned. It has many photographers that are going to mix (the models), then sometimes I arrive at the studio for the photograph with them and it is Christy Turlington, and the people are talking... and I do not believe that I am here of intimately talking with Christy, it is a dream.

Do you find that you influence the girls that are beginning with your work and career? Are beginning? I have never thought of that. If I influence, my advice would be... well, always I try to be who I am, I am who I am, I am not "a Sheep who goes with the others" regarding parties, the drugs! My business is going to be healthy and professional.

Is There a photographer that leaves you nervous for the work? By the quality of the work, by the emotion of the work... I have had the privilege of working with many incredible photographers, but for myself, to work with Annie Leibovitz is always the maximum... a photographer that began doing Rolling Stone (the magazine), who has made journalistic history. She is a link between journalism and fashion, she photographs actors, with her is kind of another level.

You live outside of Brazil. Does it accompany what happens this way? Not as much as I would like to be able to experience more.

What do you expect of Brazil? To presever the nature more. More still, Brazil has the most incredible nature of the planet! We can never lose this!

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Thanks a lot Camilla! Raquel just know what to answer! And it's a great interview!

I can't wait to see that supermodel photoshoot, can you imagine if Raquel was on VF's cover with all these models? :woot: That's probably not going happen though.

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall Catalog :wub: :wub:

Ph:. Daniel Jackson

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capped by me from lv's site

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An article thiago translated :)

It looked like a videoclip scene. A stunning blonde playing the guitar in the middle of the canyons. Even with all those lights and equipments around Raquel, the scene was real. The gaucha Raquel Zimmermann, top number 1 according to the site Models.com rocks on her free time, she was surprised during the Animale photoshoot. During the work on Suzano, São Paulo's countryside, on friday 20, Raquel received as a gift from the Animale staff a guitar Fender Jaguar 1962, a relic evaluated about R$ 9 mil. (Which is about 5 thousand dollars)

"Oh, my God, it's beautiful! I love you guys!", said Raquel when she received it from the hands of Zeca Ziembik, executive producer of Mint, Animale's creative direction agency. With tears in her eyes, the model took a reed out of the jeans' pocket and started playing and singing "Knockin' On Heaven's Door", Bob Dylan's famous music. "It's

oiled", said the top, still moved, while people applauded, her boyfriend was between them, the chilean photographer Ruy Sanchez Blanco, who also loves rock. "Raquel and I spend hours playing guitar. We like to call friends to participate of jam sessions at home. She was learing to play the music 'Patience', but we're enjoying a Van Halen fase", said Ruy, referring to the american group.

Object of desire

Raquel's Fender Jaguar 1962 it's one of the six unique guitars that exist in the world. With the letter V of vintage on it, that guarantees the exclusivity of the instrument, it's a piece that has special assembly features. The guitarra was considered a Cadillac of the 60's music. Very used by the surf music bands, it was forgotten for a while until it was brought back by Kurt Cobain, Nirvana's singer, who recorded the album Nevermind in 1991 using the giutar. Since then it came back and today it's a

collector's item. Besides Raquel, Thurston Moore, from the Sonic Youth group, it's one of the guitarists who have one.

The idea of giving one to Raquel came from the Animale staff, who have kept the topmodel as the star of its campaigns and fashion shows for 3 years now. "Playing guitar is one of Raquel's passions and we thought it would be a good surprise. We love Raquel, who's sweet, professional and is growing with the brand", said Luis Fiod, responsable for the styling of the fashion show and of the campaign.

Hand luggage

After the live pocket show for a few lucky people, the team toasted with champaign. They were celebrating the success of the fashion show and the two days of photoshooting for the new summer campaign inspired by urban heroes, shot by the photographer Henrique Gendre and styled by Cris Narvaes. After, the top gaucha and her boyfriend would go to the airport to come bak to NY, where they live. Raquel was booked to shoot an editorial for Vogue US with the british photographer David Sims, in request of the powerful Anna Wintour. Before leaving, she got on the car's window and thanked everybody who was there. "I love you guys", said the model again, that during the whole way hold the present and got in the plane with the guitar on her hands. Besides the valious gift, Raquel couldn't hide the happyness of spending a few days in the country. "It's always good coming back to Brazil."

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An interview Camilla found, in portuguese: http://www.spfw.com.br/mediacenter.php?id=VA-NTAzOTI

The translation, there are no questions, they made a compilation of Raquel's answers.

"The first fashion show I walked was fro Icaius, when he was graduating here in Brazil, I could barely walk in stillettos and I remember Icaius teaching me how to walk. The first fashion show I walked on SPFW was for Ellus.

Now after fashion week I'm going back to NY, where I'm going to be working for Vogue US. Animale has always supported me, even before I was working so much, very loyal, I have a friendship with the team and they are great, I adore them.

Karl Lagerfeld, I consider him a godfather. It's really interisting working with him, last time we worked, we did the Fendi campaign, we went to Rome, he showed me Rome, we went to the best restaurants, he talks about history. He knows things about everything, architeture, decoration, fashion, history... so when I'm with him I want to learn as much as possible.

The last Fendi campaign I did with Karl Lagerfeld, that was actually two gigs together, it took about ten days, we shot the whole Fendi campaign and then the TV commercial for the perfume. (). So it took about ten days.

David Lynch, it was a dream to meet him, I've always been a fan of his movies, I think he is really unconventional, he does things the way he wants them to be done. So, when the people at Gucci told me I was going to work with him, I couldn't believe it, I was like: Really?! I'm going to meet David Lynch?!" Then they play the Gucci commercial.

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Yeah, I wonder if we'll ever see those eds... I hope she's on V#54 btw! I thought the ed with Christy was the same as the one with Naomi, Claudia... :unsure:

I think it was for Palazzo, they are still advertising it on magazines and she went to Rome to film it, that's where the campaign was shot. I can't wait to see that, the Palazzo ads were so stunning :wub2:

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You're welcome :flower: She said the last time they worked together they shot for Fendi and then they filmed a commercial for a perfume, she never said it was in Rome but she started talking about Rome right after :laugh: and remember that in the elle Brazil article said she was going to Rome, so she definately went there this year. :woot:

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