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Raquel Zimmermann


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thiago i love chanel eyewear the most!

my favourite campaigns are gap, chloe ss07 and dolce and gabbana ss06


Heroes Welcome

coverage from the MET

scanned by jssy4eva


and an interview

The Time of diva's is finished", says Zimmermann


For the number one model in the world, the top gaucho Raquel Zimmermann, 25, there is more individuality to the Brazilian fashion designers. "They need to believe more in the feeling of them and not in the trends", says. Raquel, that lives in new york, was in Brazil to parade exclusively for Animale. She has starred in several important campaigns outside of this country, including for Lanvin, Fendi and Valentino. In the interview that follows, made in S

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another one

The top model Raquel Zimmerman, who has spent longer flying than on land, showed a lot worry about the state of our planet during our talk with her.

For who is this message? For all the people in the world. It is necessary to make ourselves aware, to take care of our planet, that is pretty, mainly Brazil. I find that many of the prettiest things of the world are here. We should give attention for nature and look more for the simplest things in the life. Everything is moving very quickly, we should stop a little and think.

And her diary? I was just in Japan, where I photographed for the Vogue there. Then i went to new york, where I did an editorial for Interview September. Then I came to Brazil, where did I walked with exclusively for Animale and I am going to do the campaign. In the sequence there is also Vogue America, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld in Paris. ..It is a continuning snowball! Just as well, isn't that so!

Maria Prata

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I wonder if the Vogue Nippon was just the cover because she said in an interview she was there 2 weeks ago and that cover was out 2 weeks ago. hopefully she shot more than once :woot:

And another Interview editorial, Vogue US, Karl Lagerfeld in Paris, I think it means she's walking Chanel HC :woot:

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