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Raquel Zimmermann


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New Roberto Cavalli ad:

th_cavalli1.jpg/monthly_07_2008/post-6812-0-1446021141-83613_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2783875" alt="post-6812-0-1446021141-83613_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="133.33">

Scanned by NorthernSter

And she has an ed in Vogue Nippon September by Mario Sorrenti! :woot:

huge spread with Raquel Zimmermann

in Japan (with Rinko Kikuchi) by Mario Sorrenti. This issue features, kind of, "Raquel in Japan" (with

Japanese actors/phorographers/real people on the street) by

Mario 42 pages. FOURTY-TWO!

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^ in noticed that celine :rofl::ninja:

and thiago! i still find it funny that there in a celeb magazine. only because over here the people that do that are like footballers wives :rofl:

Preview of:

Vogue Nippon September 2008

"Portrait of a City"

Ph. Mario Sorrenti

Styled by George Cortina


the last shot is amazing! she looks a bit sci fi here!

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When I saw it I thoutht there could be some article about Raquel, they usually write something about the models, there's also Isabeli and Gisele, but the pictures were posted on her threads already.

I won't translate the whole thing because there are some useless parts, but it says Raquel met him in the Bahamas when she was shooting with Arthur Elgort and Ruy was his assistent and she asked his phone and called him! They'll only get married when they have enough time to organize it all, and they're going to do it in Brazil with their families. Raquel said she may want a farm in Brazil or stay in NY studing, Ruy said he would love to live in Brazil.

New Printemps


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