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Joe's 10,000th Post

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(@Layles ~ ty for telling me ;*)

It was me who brought her back, Lyon :whistle:

haha I know, but Joe got her "post" :laugh:

Check what was the last time miss encatador posted on BZ :cain: :p

Sure it won't happen without your call =]

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Joe said : ect. helped me to see the French in a different way from stereotypes in their own ways,

not sure about that, yes in THEIR own ways <_< You should go to France and see by yourself then, not sure the stereotypes are wrong though :shifty: French abroad or in their own country are just unbearable whether they like it or not.

Croix de bois croix de fer, si je meurs je vais en enfer (cross my heart and hope to die) :evil:

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Oh, my :rofl: , thanks for stopping by :flower: and :rofl: @ Lyala and Lyon :rofl: ...

Congrats on the milestone, I think your doing a great job as a mod. also :wave:

Awww, thanks mickiala :hug::wave: .

You're one of a kind, Joe :hehe: Congrats! :)

Thanks bud :pinch::blush::hug: .

congratz Joe.

Thanks Jade :hug::flower: .

Thanks for the shoutout, Joe! (@Layles ~ ty for telling me ;*) Congrats!! :fun:

Oh, enca, you're welcome :hug: and thanks :hug: !

Congrats Joe!!

Hehe such a long post, I didn't want to read it all :ninja: but once I started I had to finish it :D You're so nice :)

Thank you for mention :flower:

I'm impatiently waiting for your 20,000th post :laugh:


I came back from my cruise yesterday, so I'm JUST seeing this:

Much love Joe! :heart:Thanks for the shout out. Congrats on reaching such a high milestone and for being the best damn mod on here. :hug:

Awww, shucks AnaBFF :blush: , much love back atcha :hug: .

Shakespeare got nothing on you Joe :whistle:

To pee, or to pee :nicole: :nina: . Thanks bud :D .

Joe hits the 10K mark, welcome to the club. Congrats. A-Rod will never be apart of this no matter how many growth hormones he takes. Anyway, nice life story there Joe, in fact it was so long, that it froze my browser. Seriously. So i was forced to read it being that it was there on my screen. I'm kinda glad I did though. Definitely one of the best posts in bz history. That's not including picture posts of super hot models. Otherwise your post is not even close. :whistle:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Awww, Matt, that means a lot coming from you :p :hug: . And sorry about your browser :ninja: , but glad it was worth it :whistle::laugh: .

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