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Nadia Bjorlin


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Nadia Bjorlin's life began on August 2 in Newport, Rhode Island. She is the fifth child out of six of Ulf and Fary Bjorlin. When Nadia was two months old, the Bjorlin family moved to Sweden, her father's native country. Nadia's father was a conductor and composer of classical music, which Nadia grew to love. After traveling abroad for a few years, Ulf took a job conducting the Florida Philharmonic and Palm Beach Symphony. At this time, Nadia was seven years old, and she barely spoke English - which was a tough barrier to overcome at school.

In this time, Nadia had fallen in love with music and had began performing professionally when she was only six years old. She and two of her brothers began performing as the Bjorlin Trio at her father's concerts. Her father also featured her in his musical adaptations of classic stories, such as Hans Christian Anderson's "The Snow Queen", and "The Portrait of Raoul Wallenberg." Unfortunately, Ulf Bjorlin Sr. passed away when she was twelve.

As a young child prodigy, Nadia attended the Interlochen Center for the Arts and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute for several years, where she received recognition and awards for excellency in theatre, voice, music and dance. Nadia also spent her junior high school years and her first two years of high school attending the Palm Beach County School of the Arts.

Nadia performed and sang with the Palm Beach Opera for two years and in 1996, she competed in a large international vocal competition in Verona, Italy, where she was part of the choir who won the gold medal. When she was a junior in high school, the Bjorlins moved to New York City where Nadia then attended the Professional Children's School. There she studied alongside other famous actors and actresses, such as Julia Stiles, Gaby Hoffman, and the Culkin kids. In May of 1999, Nadia won first place in the Metro Lyric Opera Competition, which took place in New York City. When she graduated from high school, she decided to shift her focus to acting.


Nadia had just secured an agent when the NBC soap opera, Days of our Lives sent out a nationwide casting call for the role of mysterious young opera singer 'Chloe.' Nadia flew out to Los Angeles for the screen-test and two days later, she won the part. She celebrated by packing up everything in New York City to move to California with her mother and her brother. Tom Langan, Days Executive Producer was taken with Nadia, who he describe as "a serene, fascinating beauty who floats through a room."

Nadia appeared on Days of our Lives in the contracted-role of 'Chloe Lane' beginning in November 1999, and her character was placed in the middle of the most heated and contested love triangles on the show (Broe vs. Phloe). Fans from both sides campaigned for their respective couple passionately, sending anything from stress balls to lip gloss to hay to producers, writers, and actors on Days. Nadia left the contract role in 2003, but recurred until 2005 when "Broe" got married and rode off in the sunset together.

Nadia has been featured on covers of several fashion and men's magazines, and takes a special interest in all kinds of music and dance. "I especially love Latin music and Latin dance, such as the salsa and merengue," the young actress states. Because of her love of music and dance, she appeared in the Ricky Martin music video, "Shake Your Bon-Bon" as a go-go dancer. Nadia has also played the piano, flute, guitar, and harp. Nadia is currently recording an album, due for release in 2005 or 2006.

In family life, Nadia maintains a close relationship with her mother, Fary, who has always encouraged her to try something new and live life to the fullest. "She is definitely my best friend. She's always been there for me; she's my rock. She's not at all like a stage mom. It's fun to have that support and to have her at home and be babied once in awhile." She also described her mother, who is an interior decorator and designer as "the most visually artistic person I know."

Patrika Darbo (ex-Nancy, Days) has seen firsthand the closeness of the Bjorlin family. Darbo attended a family get-together, and was amazed by the talent in the house. "They are absolutely incredible people who have graciously taken us into their family. There's a lot of love there." Adds Kevin Spirtas, who played Craig on Days: "Nadia knows where she's at and where she's headed. She has great inner strength...I think she has a big future if she chooses to keep doing it. She has quite a gift."


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some facts (can't find how old she is . but i'll try )

Full Name: Nadia Alexandra Bjorlin

Height: 5'8"

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Brown

Parents: Fary Bjorlin and the late Ulf Bjorlin

Siblings: Three brothers (Jean-Paul, Kaj, and Ulf) and two sisters (Katja and Kamilla)

Other Musical Inclinations: Nadia has a strong vocal ability, and she also plays the flute, guitar, harp and piano

Where she has lived: Sweden, Florida and New York. She currently resides in the Los Angeles area

Languages spoken: Swedish (at home), Farsi, French, Italian, and Russian (mainly in opera)

Bon bons?: Nadia was in Ricky Martin's video, "Shake Your Bon Bon" (she was a go-go dancer with a short silver skirt)

Where Nadia started: Commercials, acting in Europe

Miss Congeniality??: Nadia competed in the Miss Florida Teen USA Pageant in 1998. She finished as 2nd Runner-Up in the pageant.

Worst high school subject: Math

Script Memorization: How does she memorize all those lines?? Nadia has photographic memory, which makes it pretty easy to learn her lines.

What if....?: What if Nadia had decided not to move to California to pursue acting? She would most likely be attending Juilliard.

Righty or Lefty?: Nadia is left-handed.

Her picks: Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Ewan McGregor

What she cannot live without: Chocolate!

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