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  1. Thank you a million times Thiago.. Any one know where and when that is from .and have more pictures? She looks great there ,beside the other twoo...im in love with her.
  2. She looks better then a princess, looks like a fairytale.. She unbeliveble Beautiful.. Thank so much to jewels for pics, and Lullaby.
  3. Go to Victorias secret page, and where it says search ,write Adriana Lima..I just did it for fun.. And i got up the new swim 2006 videos, Adrianas agenda and rest of the girls.. But Adriana is in the most of the videos! She looks so beautiful in those videos. Check it out.. Lia*
  4. She has had tons of different haircolors, but thats because she is a model.. Thanks to all for pictures!
  5. The hole interview with GQ i think was very wierd...Okey so she is being sarcastic... But the virgin part?! Laugh my ass of.. Hell no that brazilian sex bomb aint no virgin.. Okey so i have no proof but these girl telling they are virgins is just hilarious..Maybe it was a message for other young girls out there`? But the pictures of her were beyond beautiful...Love her ash hair. Yeah and the lingerie shopping...Like comooon then you have to be a devil in bed not a saint in bed..But we love her anywayz
  6. Could someone help me?? I just read the GQ interwiew with Adriana Lima.. But seriously i dont think its her that has responed to those questions. They are wierd?!?!?And one question is like this i think: You are like this naturally,you dont work out? AD: No im fake evrything about me is fake, even my heart is fake? LIke whaaat? i didnt get that.
  7. We all know that Adriana wins in these polls , then why make one? I woted for the true beauty Adriana Francesca Lima.!
  8. I love her tattoo. It's so delicate. Thank you very much Mameha!! Anyone have bigger? HQ, need to see it up-wrilly-close
  9. Thats because she is to beautiful.. A naturall beauty. I have never seen a bad picture of her. .. ..
  10. thank you so much angelxxxx.
  11. Does anyone have a picture of nicole richies shoulder/back? Cuz i havent seen a good picture of her tatoo.. Thanks for all replies.
  12. Where is she originally from?
  13. Looks like shes very happy:) good for her..
  14. If i was here, i would be afraid of my boob falling out evry second!
  15. I think she is very cute.. sweet... But who ever said she looks like adri must be blind
  16. no she doesn't have sisters I know that, i just think that she could have gone by being her lil sis..cuz they are very alike.. Looks like a mini adriana: hehe
  17. Thank you very much sss Anyone knows who the girl next to Adriana is? She is beeautiful...kinda looks like her lil`siss....
  18. dont mind the repost! They are beautiful..Thank you very much.
  19. ThAnks all for the pics.. Is that the Prince? And what is that on her arm?
  20. thanks for the pics...where are the anyway? anyone who know? She really loves the beach..
  21. I think Alicia is very down 2 earh,and not all like- Do YOU know who I am?!?!? Haha,so i agree with yall!
  22. I dont know ,but i think Adriana looks kinda like Alicia....
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