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  1. ^ Thanks everyone. Adriana is so beautiful. I just can't take it God, she is so amazing. <3
  2. IiiiHhh, Thanks. Very niiice.
  3. shes beautifuuull. and I doo tooo
  4. whiiii, thanks. LOVELY pictures.. <3
  5. Nima x Lima.. Yes I am. Why?
  6. Oohh Okay!.. to bad .. Shes lovely.. <333
  7. Thank youu .. Yes shes very beautiful.. but why not loved?? .. I think she has something special.
  8. I have been gone for a while, and suddently i surfed around and saw this v.s model. Who is she?..
  9. Beautiful everyone. Thanks..
  10. i like kim too. i love her style, and sometimes she looks very cute and other times very sexy. that's kinda awesome . grRr
  11. I agree. but sometimes she can be boring. not that i say she should be sexy and dirty. but
  12. Adriana lima2*: I agree. I think it's the smilie
  13. thanks everyone. i almost love them all. they're very beautifull..
  14. lol yes. i think it's look kinda funny :S
  15. Thanks for the pictures everyone. very beautiful.
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