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Ana Paula Arosio

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Ana Paula Arósio (born 16 July 1975 in São Paulo, Brazil) is a Brazilian model and actress.

Arósio is one of the most popular actresses in Brazil. She was "discovered" by a representative for an advertisement agency when Ana Paula was shopping at a supermarket. In 1989, Arósio moved to Japan to work as a model. Returning later back to Brazil, she played in Éramos Seis, which was her first soap opera. In 1998, Arósio became famous in Brazil when she played the role "Hilda Furacão".

Since 1999, Arósio is known all around the world because of her work in Terra Nostra, a telenovela about the Italian immigration to Brazil. She was the main actress in the role of the Italian immigrant Giuliana Esplendore. Arósio herself is of Italian descent, with great-grandparents from Lombardy.

Terra Nostra was broadcast in 95 countries, one of the most succesfull productions of Rede Globo.


* Éramos Seis (1994), Amanda

* Razão de viver (1996), Bruna

* Os ossos do barão (1997), Isabel

* Hilda Furacão (1998), Hilda Furacão

* Terra nostra (1999), Giuliana

* Os Maias (2001), Maria Eduarda da Maia

* Esperança (2002), Camille

* Celebridade (2003), Alice - special participation

* Um Só Coração (2004), Yolanda Penteado

* Mad Maria (2005), Consuelo

* Páginas Da Vida (2006), Olívia

* Ciranda de Pedra (2008), Laura Toledo












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She is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, she's my favoirte Brazilian model/actress

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