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Anna Christine Speckhart


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Glad the PANDORA ad has been posted, it popped up on tv last night and mum asked me who the model is (she knows im obsessed with models,duh) and said she has the most beautiful eyes and is one of the prettiest girls she is ever seen.

^ and that means alot cause she barely ever calls girls pretty unless i push her for an answer :rofl:

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^ No prob, here it's:

Allure - February 2011

Ph. Greg Kadel

Anna Speckhart, 22

Hometown: Pittsfield, Illinois

How would you describe American beauty?

"I see an innocence and a simplicity in the beauty and presence of American girls."

Favorite beauty tip:

"Use lots of moisturizer and ChapStick."

Favorite beauty products:

"Philosophy moisturizers."


vision models

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