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  1. Hello! I would like to know if there's a thread about cody FERN and zach VILLA on bellazon??😈 I can't seem to find ... Thanks.
  2. Thnak you @MingoPants !!😊
  3. I know adrianne, that's not her. But thanks for trying to help!
  4. Thnak you kayleekay1912!!
  5. who are these people? please. instagram
  6. Charlotte tilbury HQ Charlotte tilbury
  7. Maggie Jablonski @ Marilyn Agency shot and styled by Alanna Gilbert. Makeup by michaela bosch HQs michaelabosch.com
  8. FIRST BLUSH Photographer: Blake Davenport Creative Director: Myri Fernandez Makeup and Hair: Michelle Coursey @ Next Management Model: Maggie Jablonski @ Marilyn New York Dramatic makeup looks take the spotlight in FGR’s latest exclusive photographed by Blake Davenport. Model Maggie Jablonski takes center stage in the glamorous shots. The brunette wears rouged cheeks, dramatic red lipsand metallic eyeshadow courtesy of makeup artist Michelle Coursey. Myri Fernandez worked as creative director for the shoot with fashion from Zara. fashiongonerogue.com
  9. FREE PEOPLE freepeople.com
  10. Iconic couture wedding gowns Yves Saint Laurent S/S 2000 Yves Saint Laurent A/W 2000-2001 Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2003 vogue.fr
  11. HQ (double click when you're on postimage) lexpress.fr
  12. L'Express Styles - HQ (18-24 may 2016) Photo: Raf Stahelin MUA: Karim Rahman Nudity : http://imageupper.com/i/?S0200010050021I14636838221743612 lexpress.fr
  13. Topshop X Adidas Originals "TOPSHOP and Adidas Originals have teamed up to create an exclusive seven-piece capsule collection. The collaboration sees the high-street giant rework classic pieces from the sportswear brand, with the ever-popular Superstar jacket and trainers taking trophy status." vogue.co.uk
  14. Hey sanja, hello! & thanks for this!
  15. Bigger / other Biotherm - Eau Fraiche facebook.com/biotherm.france cargocollective.com/mathildebd
  16. BLACK Magazine "The Eyes Have It" Shiny, sparkling and glittering - The Eyes Have It in this BLK Beauty shoot and film by Luke Dickey, Miguel Lledo, Krisana Sotelo and Taichi Saito. Miguel was for some time based in Auckland before moving to New York and clearly, the experience has been good for him. The crew shoot Maggie Jablonski at Major Model Management in New York in vintage Celine, Versace and YSL from Cloak NYC, Rosie Assoulin and jewellery by Robert Lee Morris and Respossi. Photography and film: Luke Dickey Styling: Krisana Sotelo Make-up: Miguel Lledo using M.A.C Cosmetics Hair: Taichi Saito click for bigger size! blackmagazine.co.nz
  17. the complete story VIOLET GREY Sea, sex & sun: vanessa paradis The May Issue — Cover Story Photography By BEN HASSETT Written By CHRISTINA HAN Hair By ROBERT VETICA Makeup By SABRINA BEDRANI Styled By ELIZABETH SULCER Nails By DEBBIE LEAVITT Backstage pictures The water shimmered. Light from the warm April sun bounced off of the Malibu surf in every direction. And that other thing, mentioned seductively in Serge Gainsbourg’s Sea, Sex and Sun lyrics? It arrived in the form of French actress-model-singer, Vanessa Paradis. Known for being deeply private and eternally girlish, Vanessa Paradis is coquettish in a way that only sultry French pop stars can master. So it was no surprise that when the back door of her black town car opened, she emerged like a shadow, stepping nimbly into the hair and makeup trailer located on set for VIOLET GREY’s cover shoot, where her beauty team was patiently awaiting her arrival. After topping the French charts as a teenager, the mother of two has maintained an impressive mystique over the last two decades, and her most recent performance, playing seriously against her type as a Hasidic Jewish widow in John Turturro’s film Fading Gigolo, has earned her some well-deserved praise. Today, she experienced a different kind of transformation: Hairstylist Robert Vetica smoothed her cropped hair into a sleek, Helmut Newton-inspired slick and longtime makeup artist, Sabrina Bedrani, applied a summery, brilliant orange-red to Paradis’ lips. With just a handful of hours left on the clock before she was whisked back to reality in Los Angeles, Paradis materialized onto the beach, where photographer Ben Hassett and his crew were assembled around a 1971 silvery-blue Mercedes convertible. As the not-so-delicate sea breeze whipped around Malibu’s Point Dume, Hassett deemed the seaside lighting to be just right. Paradis coyly let her terrycloth robe drop to the sand, revealing an enviously toned, bronzed body (fresh from a Hawaiian holiday). She delicately placed herself in the driver’s seat, gazed directly into the camera lens and then, tossed her head back to face the sun. VioletInquires 15 Questions for Vanessa 1 WHAT DO YOU DAYDREAM ABOUT? Here, there and everywhere. 2 HAVE YOU EVER WORN SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT? Yes, on a motorcycle. 3 WHAT COLOR IS PAINTED ON YOUR TOES RIGHT NOW? Red. 4 WHAT MAKES A MAN BEAUTIFUL? Honesty. 5 WHERE DO YOU PLACE YOUR PERFUME ON YOUR BODY? The neck. 6 WHAT IS THE BEST GIFT YOU HAVE EVER GIVEN? Silence. 7 WHAT SONG ALWAYS MAKES YOU WANT TO DANCE? “People Get Up and Drive Your Funky Soul” by James Brown. 8 WHO WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO HAVE BREAKFAST WITH? Marilyn Monroe. 9 WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUALITY IN A MAN? Intelligence. 10 WHAT DO YOU KEEP ON YOUR BEDSIDE TABLE? Chocolate. 11 WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT BEAUTY SECRET YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR MOTHER? Inner smile. 12 WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT BEAUTY PRODUCT IN YOUR COSMETIC WARDROBE? Soap? 13 AT WHAT AGE DO YOU THINK MEN ARE AT THEIR BEST? Age of innocence. 14 WHICH BOOK OR SONG CHANGED YOUR LIFE? “Singing in the Rain” when I was six years old because it made me want to sing, dance and act. 15 WHAT IS THE MOST OVERRATED ASPECT OF HOLLYWOOD? Your neighbor is an actor. violetgrey.com & facebook.com/VioletGrey
  18. New Chaumet campaign agencelove.com making of : http://www.vogue.fr/vogue-tv/bijoux/...-sorrenti/5399
  19. Jalouse n°169 (april 2014) :wub2: "Maggie's Farm" Photo: Daniel Thomas Smith Réalisation: Helena Tejedor models.com
  20. La petite francaise - Winter 13/14 /monthly_12_2013/post-35117-0-1446098103-20568_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="4023881" alt="post-35117-0-1446098103-20568_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="66.6"> la-petite-francaise.com
  21. Claudie Pierlot - Lookbook winter 13 claudiepierlot.com
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