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Anna Christine Speckhart


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U r welcome :flower:

Here, the full version of L'Officiel ed... the quality is kinda crappy tho.

L'Officiel Paris - May 2011

une pointe de zabriskie

Photogaphy: Mason Poole

Style: Vanessa Bellugeon

Make-up: Tsipporah Liebman

Hair: Michael Long

Models: Anna Speckhart and Ryan Curry

post-35411-0-1446134280-94581_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134280-97048_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134281-15987_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134281-31858_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134281-48348_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134281-62564_thumb.jpg


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Not a repost! thanks :flower:

where did you get that one?

... it looks like she's very very close with Camille, have you seen the A&F ed where they cuddle and kiss each other? (I really need a scanner to post it!)

Well, sometimes I wonder if they are a couple or just very good friends... I mean, every single event Anna goes to, she takes Camille with her...

I wouldn't mind if she likes girls... but I really hope she doesn't! :laugh:

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