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Agnieszka Pulapa


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With her perfectly formed face and mesmerizing grey eyes, Ag is definitely a girl to watch. Discovered by a Polish fashion designer and recently signed to IMG Paris, mother agency 8fi Models has been overwhelmed with offers from international agencies all wanting to represent Ag. Ag gets an A+ from us!

Height:179cm / 5′10.5″

Bust:87 cm / 34.5″

Waist:59 cm / 23″

Hips:89 cm / 35″




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I had AG some time ago on my site. She's really promising as far as I heard of her agency, she'll become "big" And she's with IMG in Paris, isn't she ?


Ag @ 8fi Models (Poland)

She's fresh, more unique, than unique. Only 16 years old and already a silhouette of 5'10 (179 87-59-87). Discovered by 8fi Models in Krakow. Well, her name is Ag. Ag is definitely one of the most eye-catching new faces on the boards from different modeling agencies. She's promising without any single doubt. She has a well formed face, magnetical gray eyes and strong gaze. Ag has a huge presence in front of the camera, very confident, interesting attitudes and remarkable facial expressions. She reminds us of a young Magdalena Frackowiak. The Polish has probably an unbelievable future with 8fi Models. Write her name on a paper down.


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2012 Calendar For Polish Embassy in Paris by Piotr Stoklosa

ce Rêve étrange et pénétrant Calendar 2012

Models: Agnieszka Pulapa |8fi Models|, Angelika Skulimowska |Eastern Models|

Hair: Magdalena Tucholska

Makeup: Kasia Furtak

Stylist: Kamila Picz

DTP: Marcin Mazan

Retouching: Mateusz Niechoda, Pawe? Nuckowski

Photo Assistants: Magdalena Plowucha, Vincent Kronental

Photography & Production: Piotr Stoklosa

Website: www.piotrstoklosa.com

calendar-2012-_Piotr-_Stoklosa-01a_1.jpg calendar-2012-_Piotr-_Stoklosa-01a.jpg calendar-2012-_Piotr-_Stoklosa-02a.jpg calendar-2012-_Piotr-_Stoklosa-03a.jpg

calendar-2012-_Piotr-_Stoklosa-06a.jpg calendar-2012-_Piotr-_Stoklosa-07a.jpg calendar-2012-_Piotr-_Stoklosa-08a.jpg calendar-2012-_Piotr-_Stoklosa-09a.jpg

calendar-2012-_Piotr-_Stoklosa-12a.jpg calendar-2012-_Piotr-_Stoklosa-13a.jpg

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