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Lais Ribeiro


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Good day, I leave you my summary for the incredible Angel Lais.


2010 (First AMAZING Show, Two huge Wings)




2011 (Three Outfits, One Wings + Credits)



2012 (We all know what happened but in the same way these were the outfits that Lais would look and also open a segment)



2013 (One Wings and Opening Birds Of Paradise Segment) 



2014 (One Wings,  Close Exotic Traveler Segment + Credits)



2015 (One wings and Close Exotic Butterflies Segment)



2016 (One Wings)




2017 (One Wings and the most gorgeous FB in recent years)



2018 (Two beautiful Wings and Opening the Celestial Angels Segment)




I love Lais a lot, I love seeing her travel with VS, for nobody is a secret that she was going to make an angel before anyone, at the beginning it was her bad English, then it was her fall but the time is perfect and today is one of the most beautiful angels and with the best body (for me). Lais, I only ask you to leave VS before it's worse.

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I am not a fan of Lais, but I wanted to see Mary17's VSFS progression post for all the Angels, so that's why I'm here. 


-She got 2 huge wings her first VSFS! They definitely saw something in her and that is awesome for her. It's weird that they put her in PINK the next year, it's like being demoted in my opinion. Lais is too mature and sophisticated looking to be in PINK. 

-She opened Birds of Paradise in 2013 (my absolute least favorite VSFS and segment)...is it normal for a non-Angel to open a segment? if not, then good for her!! 

-She has done very well in the VSFS, and her FB was one of the most beautiful ones (along with Miranda's and Jasmine's).

-I hope she gets the SO this year, she deserves to get all the big things VS offers and this is coming from a non-fan (I just don't care for her looks/body/quiet personality but she is pretty, just not my type)

-Good job to Lais! I just wonder what took so long for VS to sign her. She is obviously doing something right! 

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