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Body Implants


What do you think of women getting body implants?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of women getting body implants?

    • I'm all for it
    • I don't mind it
    • I'm sceptical about it
    • I'm against it

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I don't mind: free will is free will and if people feel better with some plastic stuffed in their bodies, then that's fine with me. I don't like the look of it though. Those girls with those implants, it makes them look desperate. I mean, big breasts aren't the most important thing in the world. Sides, if a guy falls for you because of your breasts, I'd doubt he'd actually care for the person who owns them. I think being all natural is the best. But that doesn't mean I have anything against people who do it. As long as I don't hafta.

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I suppose I'm not 100% against it, just extremely skeptical. My mom has breast implants. I just worry about the health risks it can cause. Many people have had their bodies deformed from bad plastic surgery. Those health problems are not worth the cosmetic and somewhat vain reasons for getting surgery, at least not worth it to me.

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i need plastic surgery but not for body enhancement, i have very bad scars on my arms, forehead, nose and the back of my head....i ned to get plastic surgery to remove that stuff...its not body implants but its enhancements and laser surgery on the body is consider plastic surgery.

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I dont think it really has much to do about vanity, except for maybe people who get a living out of what they look like. i mean of course there are exceptions, but i just think it has to do with self esteem and bettering one's view on his/herself. i used to be against it, until i began realizing how peoples' lives can change, how their self esteem changes, there are people who really do get affected by the physical details they dislike in their faces and bodies, and perhaps undergoing a plastic surgery barely does change that person, but the security and self esteem boost comes instantly, and i think that's really important. and i'm not referring to people who have had everysingle facial feature of theirs changed.

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