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Adriana Lima googlefight


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we have ourselves another winner folks

tyra banks! *ding ding*



I think the reason why Tyra has more searches than Adriana is because she appears in The Next Top Model, so she can reach out to more people.


i thought the same thing...tho she has always been pretty popular/well known.

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I still can't believe how Cindy Crawford who hasn't appeared in any major film or TV show and is already retired can get more than twice of Adriana Lima's results.


she's cindy crawford...she'd BETTER get more than adriana lima....she is what a true SUPERmodel should be

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i didn't follow the rules properly, but i'm sure everyone will enjoy this one (she lost):


if i find a model who beats her i'll post....


interesting...her hits actually went down for this one...not that she would've won anyway...but she went from over a million to under... :huh:

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