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Classic Actresses CHAMPIONS LEAGUE


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BTW, the rules are the same as usual, and we could have 80, 100 or 120 classic actresses, I don't know yet, maybe 100 would be OK, cause if there are too many most of them might be unknown for many people and that would make them not to participate.

At the moment I have a list of 75:

Anita Ekberg

Ann Sheridan

Anne Baxter

Ann-Margret Olsson

Audrey Hepburn

Ava Gardner

Barbara Stanwyck

Bette Davis

Brigitte Bardot

Carole Lombard

Carroll Baker

Catherine Deneuve

Claire Bloom

Claudette Colbert

Claudia Cardinale

Claudine Auger

Cyd Charisse

Deborah Kerr

Donna Reed

Eleanor Parker

Elizabeth Taylor

Eva Marie Saint

Faye Dunaway

Françoise Dorléac

Gene Tierney

Gina Lollobrigida

Grace Kelly

Greta Garbo

Hedy Lamarr

Ingrid Bergman

Jacqueline Bisset

Jane Fonda

Jane Russell

Janet Leigh

Jayne Mansfield

Jean Seberg

Jean Simmons

Joan Crawford

Joan Fontaine

Julie Christie

Katharine Hepburn

Kim Novak

Lana Turner

Lauren Bacall

Lee Remick

Mae West

Marilyn Monroe

Marlene Dietrich

Maureen O'Hara

Maureen O'Sullivan

Merle Oberon

Monica Vitti

Myrna Loy

Natalie Wood

Olivia De Havilland

Paulette Goddard

Pier Angeli

Raquel Welch

Rhonda Fleming

Rita Hayworth

Romy Schneider

Senta Berger

Sharon Tate

Shirley MacLaine

Silvana Mangano

Sophia Loren

Susan Hayward

Teresa Wright

Tippi Hedren

Ursula Andress

Veronica Lake

Virginia Mayo

Virna Lisi

Vivien Leigh

Yvonne De Carlo

And I have around 40 more proposed by spades24 and another 40-50 who have participated in similar contests I made in other places.

You can propose yours as well, though I can not guarantee they all will be included, I'll try to choose the most famous and prettiest ones.

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Ann Margaret?

Ann-Margret is already in the list, the 4th, they are in alphabetical order.

Do they have to have acted before a certain year?

I usually include them if they were famous in the 70's or before, and acting as an adult, not as a child.

Last time we had some younger actresses, born in the late 40's and 50's, though I haven't added them yet:

Candice Bergen

Carole Bouquet

Charlotte Rampling

Diane Keaton

Farrah Fawcett

Isabelle Huppert

Jane Birkin

Jane Seymour

Meryl Streep

Mia Farrow

Olivia Newton-John

Ornella Muti

Susan Sarandon

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A list of 100:

1 Alice Faye

2 Angie Dickinson

3 Anita Ekberg

4 Ann Miller

5 Ann Sheridan

6 Anna Karina

7 Anne Baxter

8 Ann-Margret Olsson

9 Anouk Aimée

10 Audrey Hepburn

11 Ava Gardner

12 Barbara Stanwyck

13 Bette Davis

14 Betty Grable

15 Bibi Andersson

16 Brigitte Bardot

17 Carole Landis

18 Carole Lombard

19 Carroll Baker

20 Catherine Deneuve

21 Claire Bloom

22 Claudette Colbert

23 Claudia Cardinale

24 Claudine Auger

25 Cyd Charisse

26 Debbie Reynolds

27 Deborah Kerr

28 Donna Reed

29 Eleanor Parker

30 Elizabeth Taylor

31 Eva Marie Saint

32 Fay Wray

33 Faye Dunaway

34 Françoise Dorléac

35 Gene Tierney

36 Gina Lollobrigida

37 Ginger Rogers

38 Grace Kelly

39 Greer Garson

40 Greta Garbo

41 Harriet Andersson

42 Hedy Lamarr

43 Ingrid Bergman

44 Jacqueline Bisset

45 Jane Fonda

46 Jane Powell

47 Jane Russell

48 Janet Leigh

49 Jayne Mansfield

50 Jean Arthur

51 Jean Harlow

52 Jean Seberg

53 Jean Simmons

54 Jeanne Moreau

55 Joan Crawford

56 Joan Fontaine

57 Judy Garland

58 Julie Christie

59 Katharine Hepburn

60 Kim Novak

61 Lana Turner

62 Lauren Bacall

63 Lee Remick

64 Linda Darnell

65 Loretta Young

66 Mae West

67 Marilyn Monroe

68 Marlene Dietrich

69 Maureen O'Hara

70 Maureen O'Sullivan

71 Merle Oberon

72 Mitzi Gaynor

73 Monica Vitti

74 Mylène Demongeot

75 Myrna Loy

76 Natalie Wood

77 Norma Shearer

78 Olivia De Havilland

79 Paulette Goddard

80 Pier Angeli

81 Raquel Welch

82 Rhonda Fleming

83 Rita Hayworth

84 Romy Schneider

85 Rosalind Russell

86 Senta Berger

87 Sharon Tate

88 Shirley MacLaine

89 Silvana Mangano

90 Sophia Loren

91 Susan Hayward

92 Teresa Wright

93 Tippi Hedren

94 Ursula Andress

95 Vera-Ellen Rohe

96 Veronica Lake

97 Virginia Mayo

98 Virna Lisi

99 Vivien Leigh

100 Yvonne De Carlo

Would you include the younger ones I mentioned in post #7 or not??? they became famous in the 70s.

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thanks Theron for adding mylene! just you forgot Michele Mercier who was very famous too! :wave:
Clara Bow

Maila Nurmi

Hazel Court

If it's not to late?

Prettyphile, did you want to scare us??? :laugh:

For both, the problem is that there are no more free spots now, maybe in a 2nd edition.

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Well, we start and we'll see if we have 15 voters at least every day or not...

There are 100 classic actresses in total, 40 start in this 1st round, 28 more in the 2nd, 24 more in the 3rd and last preliminary round, and 8 are the group seeds.

40+28+24+8 = 100.

And there are no repechages, in these preliminary rounds if you lose you're out of the competition.

You can click on any name to see her google pictures in case you don't know them.

And feel free to add any pictures, videos... of them whenever you want.


1 Linda Darnell vs Marlene Dietrich

2 Greer Garson vs Jane Powell

3 Carroll Baker vs Mitzi Gaynor

4 Bette Davis vs Norma Shearer

5 Vera-Ellen Rohe vs Anita Ekberg

6 Françoise Dorleac vs Ginger Rogers

7 Barbara Stanwyck vs Anna Karina

8 Carole Landis vs Loretta Young

9 Claudette Colbert vs Fay Wray

10 Mae West vs Betty Grable

DEADLINE: Monday 2nd November at 24:00 CET (Paris), 18:00 EDT (New York), if there are not enough votes it'll be longer.

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