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Jolie, Pitt eye adoption next

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Weeks after the birth of their first biological child, Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are planning to adopt another.

"Next we'll adopt," Jolie told CNN in an interview to be aired on Tuesday.

"We don't know which -- which country. But we're looking at different countries. And we're -- I'm just-- it's gonna be the balance of what would be the best for Mad and for Z right now. It's, you know, another boy, another girl, which country, which race would fit best with the kids," she said, referring to her adopted children.

Jolie's adopted daughter Zahara, now about 15 months old, is from Ethiopia, and son Maddox, 4, is from Cambodia.

The couple's younger daughter, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, was born on May 27 in Namibia in one of the most highly anticipated celebrity stories of the year.

Jolie said she had given birth in Namibia because she loved Africa and had wanted to bring Zahara back to Africa.

"My other daughter's African," she said in excerpts of an interview to be aired on CNN's program Anderson Cooper 360. "... And I wanted to take her back to Africa."

Jolie said she was frightened during the birth, which was by Caesarean section because the baby was in a breech position. Pitt was in the operating room for the delivery, she said.

"And you know, because you're there for the birth, which I wasn't for my first two kids, you're just suddenly terrified that they're not gonna take a first breath," she said. "That was my whole focus. I just wanted to hear her cry. And I was sure everything would go right -- at the last minute, I became the mother that was sure everything was gonna go wrong. And she's healthy, and it was amazing."

The Oscar-winning actress, who said she gives a third of her income to refugees and other causes, is a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees and the CNN interview will be aired on June 20, World Refugee Day.

"I had a stupid income for what I do," she said.

The money does make a difference and Jolie does see change. She said she feels "lucky" because she is able to visit the places that receive her money.

"I can meet some people who say, 'God, we really need a well, or these cars are broken. Or we need something in the camp that's ... at school.' And I can go back a year later and see it built or see the cars."


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i saw her on nat geo...oh well i dont see why people should pay attention to actors' and actress' cries when it comes naturally to them...like ...breathing?? :p well what she said made sense but i doubt this would last...and i think brad pitt would get fed up of her eventually and i think she just wanted brad to give birth to a very attractive child...or maybe bastardly.com was right when they said his condom leaked and she ran out of BC pills both at the same time...coincidence?? i think not :p :p :p

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Jolie cast as Tigress in animated "Kung Fu Panda"

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - In her first movie deal since going to Africa to give birth, Angelina Jolie will co-star as a tiger in the upcoming kids film "Kung Fu Panda" for DreamWorks Animation SKG, the studio said on Monday.

The Academy Award-winning actress will supply the voice of Tigress, a martial-arts master who helps train the title character, Po the Panda, played by Jack Black, in the ways of kung fu, DreamWorks said.

The all-star cast of the computer-animated comedy, due to hit theaters in May 2008, also will feature the voice talents of Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, Dustin Hoffman and Ian McShane.

Jolie, 31, and Black last worked together voicing two of the lead characters, Lola and Lenny, in DreamWorks' 2004 hit underwater adventure "Shark Tale."

Weeks after returning to Los Angeles from the African nation of Namibia, where she gave birth to her first biological child, daughter Shiloh Nouvel, with off-screen paramour Brad Pitt, Jolie is letting little grass grow under her feet.

Coming off the success of last year's action hit "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," pairing her with Pitt, Jolie recently completed work on "The Good Shepherd," to be released this year, and is working on the Robert Zemeckis-directed "Beowulf," due out next year.


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My last walls in 3 resolutions:


post-447-1152641566_thumb.jpg post-447-1152641582_thumb.jpg post-447-1152641597_thumb.jpg



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