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  1. i think her eye colour is hazel/light brown
  2. does any one else feel she looks like breje heinen or is it just me?
  3. omg am gonna ask u again who is dat beautiful model in ur avatar?

    1. antoinetteda


      Hi, her name's Lauren Mellor. ;-)

    2. Ewing's Fan

      Ewing's Fan

      thank you so much :)

  4. not sure if it is. but could be. any1else?
  5. Please help identify this dorothy perkins model....thank you
  6. her name is probably on the cover but i cannot decipher from the language...please help id this beauty Thank you.
  7. pls help me identify this glorious coach beauty. Thank you
  8. Pls help me identify these 2 models...1st 3 pictures are the same H&M model and 4th is of the Balenciaga runway model. Pls & TQ
  9. is it dat 'neo' fella?? i know u prolly wont tell me who it is but i can only think of one person who was so involved with adri's posts
  10. http://polishmodels.tumblr.com/post/44085127757/yve-kruczynska-the-others-editorial-turning
  11. Yve Kruczynska Height : 177 - 5' 9.5" Bust : 80 - 31" Waist : 60 - 23" Hips : 87 - 34" Shoes : 40 - 8.5 Hair Color : Brown Eyes : Grey source: http://www.beatricemodels.it/Models/0-820/yve-kruczynska.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7_CJbamApI
  12. looks alot like her....must be her then. thank u so much
  13. Pls identify this gorgeous one for me. Thank you.
  14. Ewing's Fan

    Megan Fox

    she is going to have the curse of the cat face....normally gotten after plastic surgeries http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2080062/Tara-Palmer-Tomkinson-Madonna-Stars-trying-hard-stay-young.html
  15. ohk...but the model is unknown then?
  16. Hi, can someone please ID this beauty. Thank you.
  17. She's probably really famous but i need to put a name to this face. i took this picture off some1s avatar
  18. wow whose this new one n ur avatar?

    1. antoinetteda


      Carolina Brandao - one of my fave :)

  19. can someone please help me ifentify the model that is circled in this picture. Thank you.
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