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-poofs in-

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I....am....here. :)

I can seem a little loopy or...weird most of the time....but I like it. LOL

I've been browsing for some time, just hadn't signed up until now.

I'll be browsing many sections I'm sure as I always have.

Though I tend to gravitate directly toward the Jensen Ackles thread more times than not. heh. He's just....tasty.

Just wanted to stop in and say....HEEEEYYY! and now...I go back to browsing......

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Your link is no longer available - maybe THEY wised up.

Didn't know pieces of furniture could adopt. I know loving parents, of whatever sexual orientation combo, are desperately needed and are the main priority in finding a home for a child. What their sexual orientation is when they are adults is surely already predetermined by what genes they were born with.


Kyal Mills

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