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I am way beyond loveing inna :heart: she has that cleft but great coloring, great great find YP, I would search the board but the website wont let me, I am dying to see there girls, a really huge fan of the russian federation :kiss:

some I like oooh love the cleft :heart:

thank you YP :heart: I cant wait to see there board. LOVEING HER :kiss:

InnaGrube_book07.jpg InnaGrube_book08.jpg MG_9440_small.jpg MG_9437_small.jpg
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Yeah! At this time there are many models with blonde hair and brown eyes, even Sigrid Agren has blonde hair and brown eyes either Magdalena Frackowiak, Natasha Poly, Dorothea etc...

So this is Anna Sartison with Model Plus Milan / SeeDS Management


And this is Anna Hudson from Q NY and Chadwick


216423_10150166131194523_208569699522_6468559_212796_n.jpg Anna_Hudson_05.jpg
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ok really loveing Nico, she will do it all really highend, teen vogue see teenvogue wrtiten all over her, and milan will love her :heart:

I just like to sound important, but really she has major cross over appeal to highend to commercial.

ummm lilya has definite but very speciific appeal not so mainstream, but alot of independent highend not as well known magazine eds, but I can kinda see jurgen teller could like her, thank you YP :heart:

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Nico is beautiful.

She developed very well. I can still remember when she started her modeling career with some shows in Berlin and now she's having an amazing portfolio. And a strong look. Promising model.

This is Eva Kass. I'm in love with her, these polaroids are just amazing!



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seeing her portfolio and the polos or should we say the digitals, amazing of course like the cleft, she has paris vogue, and terry richardon on her, she is incredibly commerical also, but like her more edgy stuff, I wish for her to do more edgy stuff, her polished where pretty, does not use her potential, I pased her by on the board for I think Q management is working from that pretty polished angle, but she is meant for edgy well my opinion, thank you YP :heart:

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