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Ksenia Konyukhova

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Ksenia Konyukhova


First Name: Ksenia

Last Name: Konyukhova

Nationality: Russian

Hair Color: Dark blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Date of Birth: November 6 1989

Place of Birth:

Height: 5'8" ; 173cm

Measurements: (US) 32.5-23.5-33.5 ; (EU) 83-60-85

Dress Size: (US) 4 ; (EU) 34

Shoe Size:

Mother agency: unknown

Agencies: Beatrice Models

Models 1

Marilyn Agency


Advertisements: ,

Magazine Covers:

Fashion Shows: Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2005 {Betty Jackson, Clements Ribeiro, Eley Kishimoto, Nicole Farhi, Peter Jensen, Richard Nicoll}


Playgirl introduced me to the intense, mysterious girl :wub:

this first post all came from play





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isnt she a freakin' stunner?!?!?

im attached to her as well... i hope that there are more pics of her to keep the thread going :idk:

anywho.. enough of my big mouth :p

ill post some more tomorrow.. i knew youd like her, miss ophelia!!

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CarMELitaaaaa!!! Ophelia!!!!! i knew my girls would love her!!! :wub: :hehe:

Elfarwenevenstar--thanks for the pics!! :wub:

and joe--- :trout: ---you 'might' think shes ok...lololololol

btw- Joe... in my latenight wisdom i typed Ylassic yet exotic stunner

anyway of getting that fixed so i dont feel like an utter tool?? :doofywave: :rofl: :rofl:

theres just something about her.. shes got some of the doll-like qualities... added to that she has intense FactorX

anyways, like most of the models i fall in love with.. there arent that many pics of her on the web :cry2:

heres a few more


but short thread or no.. shes way too special not to have her own thread :wub:

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shes gorgeous. i love her eyes, they are such a pretty color :wub:

I have wondered who she was since you posted her pics in the strange unique picture thread. she's beautiful :blush:

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