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who is your best Mario bro


who is your fave Mario bro  

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  1. 1. who is your fave Mario bro

    • Mario
    • Luigi

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Mario started it all. Luigi is hte humanization of communism! Can't you all see?!?! IT'S RIGHT INFRONT OF YOUR EYES! And don't even think about playing the whole "Mario wears red, so he is a communist" bull shit with me, because Mario is a close personal friend, who I dine with regularly. Mario never wanted to have luigi by his side, but the jerks at corporate just had to give him a sidekick, htey thought it would make him more personable, and make him a bit more marketable to kids. I say fuck all that. Mario pwns, and if you don't agree, then uh.... you have excercised your right to your own opinion, congrats.

/luigi sucks.

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