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Guess The Movie Screenshot

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On 30/04/2014 at 0:28 PM, SympathysSilhouette said:

Michael, if you'd like you can add the next one too.

Not sure how long we should wait after each answer to just continue the chain. :)


I've just given Andy a little reminder that it's his turn. :yes:


I'm in agreement that we should probably consider tweaking the rules in the near future though. What if we made it so that members had to post a new shot within 24 hours of having their guess confirmed? If that amount of time passes without the game being moved on, they forfeit their turn and it becomes a case of 'first come first served'.

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On 04/05/2014 at 3:01 AM, Cult Icon said:

You could loosen the rules and make it a free for all, as this sub-forum isn't exactly swimming in raw recruits...:-d


I wouldn't be against trying it, but I'd be a bit worried about the potential for unanswered ones to pile up over time. :unsure:

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kbutt: you win!




I wouldn't be against trying it, but I'd be a bit worried about the potential for unanswered ones to pile up over time.  :unsure:



I would say that a new thread idea along similar lines is better than the current state of this one, which is operating with scarcity. The problem we have here is the fact that it's a broad subject and not everybody is here everyday.  Many posters operate with only spurts of activity.  As you can see, I forgot about this thread for days.


I don't know when Kbutt will come back..

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Not sure how obscure to make it, you guys have covered a lot of ground with 100+ pages! Relatively new movie (came out in the last decade); not American. Not normal.




Also I set my phone to accept email notifications from this forum once I posted in this thread, not sure about others but a PM-nudge will remind me to get back on and do my duty from here on out.

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^Personally I think obscure shots from reasonably well known movies is better than choosing obscure movies, especially with the number of people playing.

One thing to note though, while I'm sure we can all agree on the honour system, Google image search makes it surprisingly easy to cheat in this game :/

Anyone posting a picture should run it through GIS first to make sure it can't be cracked.

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^yeah, I ran all of my caps through GIS and EVERY SINGLE ONE gave away the movie. Eventually I just had to settle on one. You're right that obscure caps from more popular movies might not have that problem. Although, originally, I picked a fairly famous movie and I'm not joking about every single screencap showing up in reverse search :I


I think I just need to get more obscure with my capping, lol.

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This GIS contraption is a lot harder to stump than I would have imagined, I guess times have changed a bit since this thread's heyday. :ninja:


While I can of course appreciate that not everyone has the time, the inclination or the means to do it, converting the images into black and white seems to help.


On the subject of the current screenshot, I'll take a stab at 'Science of Sleep'. :smile:

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Oooh thanks for the tip Michael. I think you can do BW in most image editors, even very simple ones. That's definitely something to try out! And maybe just specify whether the movie was originally in colour or not with each new screenshot? 


And I love Science of Sleep, but this movie is a bit more recent... and Greek :)

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