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Hello! how did I find this site? Through secura (http://secura.livejournal.com)

Even though this is a well known site. That's just where I first heard it from and then I'd see links to it often when I'd google a model or something and I came to the page and it gives off a nice vibe, hmm? So I thought I'd join.

I also have a few questions regarding the identities of a couple of models who's shots I've seen and would like to see more of them-but I don't know their names! I had asked around but no one seems to ever give me an answer so I'm hoping that on here I will find out, hopefully. I also saw links to stuff on here as well so it's bound to be here. It is Bellazon. Yay!

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Thanks Lyon and Ophelia! Yes that is Gaspard. *sigh* At one point I had to stop looking at pics of him because he's so gorgeous it hurts. Literally. And yes yes yes! If anyone can get close enough to being as Beautiful as Edward Cullen, it's Gaspard Ulliel. Dream Team lives on. Heheh

Thank you JoeKnight for the link. I have posted two threads there...for now:P

But hopefully the more I'll stick around the more I'll find out just like that.

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