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Fringe executive producer J.H. Wyman took to Twitter Saturday night to reveal the season 4 premiere title of Fringe. "It's called 'A Sort of Homecoming,'" Wyman tweeted to an inquisitive fan.

Wyman also took the time to dismiss the rumors that episode two of the season would be titled "Bad Machines." "Not true at all," he promised.

"A Sort of Homecoming" is an interesting title, because it could refer to any number of things that could happen now that a bridge has been built between the two universes. There's sure to be interaction between the two universes are our leads venture out and explore "Over Here" and "Over There."

The title of this episode has even made me wonder if perhaps Broyles, whose wife left him before the series began, might find comfort with his alternate family. After all, they're probably still grieving the loss of Colonel Broyles after the events of "Entrada." Looks to me like it'd be an awesome storyline for the oft-underused Lance Reddick to really shine in.

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Back on UK screens as of last night so thankfully, it looks like we won't be too far behind the US this time. Anyway, not a bad opening episode, and it was good to see 'our' Lincoln added to the mix again. I think S4 will probably be the last season, though. I don't mind, as long as the show gets a proper conclusion.

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