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yeah, the set designers & writers must have a little fun deciding what to put in the alternate earth.

This in particular cracked me up when I watched the first episode...


Dogs: The Musical :rofl:

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hahaaaa, holy crap..how did u even see that? that's hilarious!

I bet that was just one of many, too. :laugh:

Does anyone think the ZFT will be seen or heard from again? The feeling I got was that they would actually turn out to be the good guys, from our universe, fighting the shape-shifters etc from the alternate dimension. In series one, they kidnapped and experimented on Olivia (which was both scary and gross, in that order) but claimed they wouldn't cause her any harm. My impression was/is that they knew about the impending war and would play a part later on, but after that, I don't remember them getting another mention.

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Hopefully I'm way, way off base with this but I fear Fringe may be going the same way as Jericho - small, ultra-loyal fan base who hang on every moment, while the suits fret about ratings. The third season (with the focus on the alternate Earth storyline) is great stuff for the die-hards like us, but it must be near impossible for casual viewers to get into. :/

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