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Kim Simth vs Megan Ewing



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  1. 1. Kim Simth vs Megan Ewing

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Megan. Kim has better bosom, though.


I think Kim's one can look a little inflated and fake though. It's not (at least, I think it's not) but compared with the evil vampire face Kim sometimes throws...

I think Megan looks far better in staged photos... she's got a natural radiance and sexiness Kim has to force-- which sometimes makes Kim look kinda vampy. And even in candids, Megan is just SO sweet and adorable. :wub:

Following Candids from MeganEwing.net and Sara Aubry, btw!





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i think they're both pretty but i like megan more :D

plus sometimes kim smith comes off as a little maxim-ish to me. thats not to say that being maxim-ish makes u a bad person, but i prefer more subtle sexiness (which is one of the reasons i'm not a huge fan of adriana lima's pics in VS but really love her elsewhere)

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i'd also like to add that i do actually like kim smith. i really like her mac & jac ads...i just dont particularly care for maxim...and their sleazy ass pics lol. but she seems to do A LOT of maxim...and i think that undermines her as a fashion model.

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