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Marlon Teixeira


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Interview w/ QUEM

Surfer by nature and model by chance, this can be considered a brief description of Marlon Teixiera, the guy of 1,89 meters and 20 year who won over the world of fashion, exhaling the sensitivity and charisma typical of Brazilians. Discovered at 16 years by two managers of the agency Way, he left the beaches of Balneario Camboriu, in Santa Catarina, to model for the first time on the runway for Dior. In four years of this career, Marlon starred in a campaign for the brands Armani, Custo Barcelona, Triton, Blue Man, worked with top models like Lara Stone and Natalia Vodianova and was clicked by the most renowned photographers for the most important magazines in the world. Currently, he lives alone in New York, and is one of the most successful Brazilian models occupying the 35th spot on Models.com. Marlon was in Sao Paolo to launch the perfume Fuel for Life, of the Italian brand Diesel, where he is poster boy and spokesman, on the occasion he spoke with QUEM, in one of the suites of the Hotel Fasano. Check out the important exerpts of the interview.

The beginning:

“the beginning was complicated because I felt alone, I didn’t speak English and missed home, the beach and my friends.” The first time I traveled by plane was to model. I never heard of the brands I was being photographed for. I adopted little by little and already thought of giving up. But since the beginning I had a lot of luck. Today, I live alone and pay for my bills; I went from being a boy to a man from day to night.”


“I have to overcome my shyness. I can only let go in front of the camera because I forget about everything. If I remember the photographer and the people in the studio, it won’t go smoothly.”


“I never thought I was good- looking. I thought that to be a model, you had to look like a prince and I have nothing to do with that. It’s complicated to say what brought me to success. But in this profession you have to be yourself and be very professional. That’s what the client wants.”


“Certainly, I’ve matured, but continue to my true values: love, simplicity and humility. In these four years, I’ve learned things that would take twenty years for me to learn if this all didn’t happen. This is the greatest thing about this profession. “

Sign: Virgo

Three things you can’t live without: “surfing, kissing and eating.”

What does not come off of your iPod? “Jimi Hendrix, the Doors and Collective Souls.”

One food: “Dulche de Leche ice cream”

Movie: “A Clockwork Orange. I liked it because of the actor’s performance, making us love the villain.”

Book: “Coracao de Diamante, by A.H. Almaas. I was scared of reading this book, which changed my life.”

Actor: “Johnny Depp.”

Actress: “Jennifer Aniston.”

Would marry: “the model Natalia Vodianova.”

Idol: “My mom is the inspiration of my life. She is a fighter, an incredible woman.”

A place: “Canto de Morcego, on beach Brava, in Itajai, Santa Catarina.”

Philosophy of life: “Respect the others and give value to the good and simple things in life.”

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GQ Brazil October 2011

Seleção Brasileira

Photography: Richard Phibbs

Production: Scott Boucher

Hair: Stephen Rose

Makeup: Leanne Hirsh

Styling: Antonio Branco

Models: Marlon Teixiera, Romulo Pires, Diego Miguel, Thiago Rebeiro, Andre Ziehe, Evandro Soldati, Leo Peixoto and Arthur Sales



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He doesn't say anything we didn't know, they ask him about how long he's been modeling, how did he get the Diesel campaign, what does he miss the most about Brazil, & he gets all shy when the girl ask him if he feels weird when people calls him sexy

He speaks spanish very well, & he does sound super sexy :heart:

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