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Marlon Teixeira: catching the wave in Mexico

The beautiful top Marlon Teixeira landed, on Wednesday night in Sao Paulo from Mexico, where he was catching the wave. The boy comes to the release of Fuel For Life Denim, Diesel's new perfume, and so put an end to a vacation. Marlon is the poster boy of the fragrance world and participate in an event around the product in Sonique, on Thursday. The model is in Brazilian for a few days and then travels to New York where he lives.

I hope Marlon will do NYFW.And is so cool that Marlon travels around the world to promote a fragrance.

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Marlon Teixeira launches perfume Diesel in Sao Paulo

He rolled over in Thursday (25) on the official launch of the new fragrance from Diesel, the Fuel for Life in Brazil. The presentation of the fragrance, which comes in male and female versions,was in the Sonique bar in Sao Paulo.

The top Marlon Teixeira, who starred in the campaign of the perfume, was present at the launch. Cat and friendly,cuty told that is half inside out clubbing. "I'm shy when I have to get an event like this, it is always difficult. I'm never what comes already with a model pose, talking to everybody," Marlon delivery.

In the images of the campaign, Marlon divides the scene with top Dutch Marloes Horst. The pair was shoot by American photographer Terry Richardson. "I already knew Marloes and was very nice to shoot with her and Terry. Record the video was also pretty cool, a different experience," said the top.

Besides the print campaign, was also created a commercial for Fuel for Life. Below you can see the video of sexy over there. And the album, photos of the launch.

translated by google

post-40623-0-1446094518-85639_thumb.jpg post-40623-0-1446094518-86477_thumb.jpg


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"Nobody knows, but I'm shy," says Marlon Teixeira at the launch of Diesel

Marlon Teixeira has 19 years, he's from the Santa Catarina and at age of 16 he planed to become a professional surfer,but he become a model. The contract fell through. Today he consists as a models who attends the main runways and fashion editorials in the world and is number 35 in the ranking of Models.com.

The top "Made in Brazil" was in Sao Paulo to launch the perfume Diesel Fuel For Life-inspired by jeans. He is the poster boy for campaign shoot by Terry Richardson and was named brand ambassador for the premiere of the new fragrance from Denim Collection, which hits stores this month in male and female version. Here's what he told the TPH:

: Fashion and style

How do you define the creations of men's fashion today?

It is difficult to define fashion, everything changes very fast, but I see that some brands have are working more with me. Each place has a more or less well defined style. If you go to New York, Paris or London you can see that people do not follow labels.

What are the five essentials of the male wardrobe?

Jacket and leather boots, jeans, shirt, socks and underwear.

Do you have any beauty ritual?

I think every man must take care, especially those who work in my profession. I use moisturizers for the face.

How do you define your style?

When I'm in town I like that rocker look, denim shirt and leather jacket. When I'm at the beach just walk in flip-flops and shorts.

:: Curiosities

What are the essentials in your backpack?

A book, my iPod, water, a pair of socks and a pack to store documents.

Which book is now in your backpack?

I just finished the Agape, from Paulo Coelho. I like fiction, but I prefer books from what you can learn something. By the time you read the story, she becomes part of who you are, so I prefer books with a message.

What's on your iPod?

I'm very eclectic. I love electronic music, hip-hop and rock, like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix.

What nobody or almost nobody knows about you?

I'm shy! When I get in places where there are people waiting for me to come smiling and super nice, but I'm little reserved. And that can sometimes seem like antipathy. But I'm working on it and it has improved.

:: Inspirations

What talent would like to have?

Would like to sing. I singing in the shower when no one is listening ..

One thing I would like to have?

I am a very calm boy. Today I have no desire so, but maybe one day would be nice to have a beach house.

What's one thing you wish you had invented?

The guys who invented the Swiss chocolates deserve a round of applause. I wish I had invented it!

Who are the people who inspire you in fashion, career in art and in life?

My mother, who inspires me always. As for idols, I only had one, surfing champion Andy Irons, who died last year. My dream was always to be a professional surfer and he was the sporstman who inspired me the most.

:: Around the world

What do you like about your job?

Travelling without any doubt. It is difficult to choose the coolest place. Like, Paris, amazing, Greece, beautiful, London, diverting, Milan, funny, New York, mode. All places are very different.

What was the most interesting place you've been in the last 12 months?


Place you would like ti visit?

Tahiti, Australia, Africa.

What is the coolest place you would recommend in New York?

It has many places, but there's a place where you can always hear laughs. It is a Thai restaurant which is located between 2nd and 8th Avenue, named Tai.When I lived with Chico Lachowski and Max Motta, we went there almost every day.

colunas.criativa.globo.com/temprahomem -translated by Google Translate

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Interview with Marlon for "Makeup Men"

The "Makeup Men" went to meet new fragrance by Diesel - Fuel For Life Denim Collection - whose spokesman is Marlon Teixeira Brazilian model. He talked a little about style, perfume, and of course, about the campaign from Diesel for "Makeup for Men". Check what he said:

Do you think men need to take care about his look?

MT: I think people need to feel good, if you feel good when you cares about your look then it's only what matters.

How do you care about our look?

MT: I like perfume. The cool thing is that I was using the scents of diesel before being called to do this campaign, so it was super cool to be part of it.

What makeup do you use?

MT: I do not use, only in parades and photos that I do. But there's mens who feel comfortable wearing makeup, so why not use it? You need to feel good about what you use.

The styles of the men in NY where you currently live is very different from the style of the Brazilians?

MT: It is. In New York you will find all kinds of style! In Brooklyn we have enough gangster-style, in , cap ... I think it's pretty cool!

When it comes to dressing what's your style?

MT: At the time I'm wearing the most basic, blue jeans, a boot, shirt ... If it's cold then i wear some cool jacket on top and I'm ready!

How was making of the Diesel campaign ?

MT: It was pretty cool, Terry Richardson with who i worked before was photographer , and the campaign has the footprint of the scent that is cool, sexy, fun. The video also followed this path, and Melina Matsoukas (video director) has made clips for Rihanna, Snoop Dog ... The work was amazing and the campaign came out with the identity of the scent.


post-40971-0-1446094521-51784_thumb.jpg post-40971-0-1446094521-54501_thumb.jpg post-40971-0-1446094521-61_thumb.jpg post-40971-0-1446094521-64649_thumb.jpg post-40971-0-1446094521-67665_thumb.jpg post-40971-0-1446094521-71276_thumb.jpg post-40971-0-1446094521-73848_thumb.jpg post-40971-0-1446094522-39808_thumb.jpg post-40971-0-1446094522-59341_thumb.jpg

source TFS

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