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Marlon Teixeira


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MTV IT will show interview with Marlon tonight :D

"IT MTV" gets Marlon Teixeira

In "MTV IT" which will air on Wednesday, at 23h, the news presenter Carol Ribeiro will interview Marlon Teixeira. The model, which pump the internet and has done campaigns for Dior and Armani, the program reveals his passion for surfing and music.


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Translation of interview thanks to deepcitylightss.tumblr.com

Interviewer: How do you feel being, say, the "masculine" Giselle Bundchen?

A: I feel like Marlon, I guess, normal. And I think that it's great to be compared like this, but I just feel like Marlon.

Interviewer: How did you enter the world of fashion, you did it as a joke at first, correct?

Marlon: Yeah, I fell for it completely, my friend Anderson of Way Models met my family, invited me to be a model and I flew to Sao Paulo, I had a lesion in the knee and had to stop surfing. I went there to create a portfolio, then I got book in Paris and Milan, and two week later I flew over.

Interviewer: You always say that your story is really about surfing, have you gotten to the point where you think "no, I'm a model, and this is now my story"?

Marlon: Well my dream has always been to be a professional and live surfing, but we can't have everything we want. So now I end up having to admit that my profession is being a model.

Interviewer: Guys look how sad, he has to admit that he is a model; look at the sadness in him admitting he is a model, because saying he's a surfer doesn't count.

Marlon: I think surfing lives in me, I think my life, everything and anywhere I am, I think of the beach, surfing and there's no way to stop it, I think I'll always live for surfing.

Interviewer: Is there any way you include surfing into your day-to-day, say doing a photo shoot with surf clothing?

Marlon: Definitely, there are many clothes I wear to photo shoots, including there has been many photo shoots that are of surfing brands. A majority of designers today like the skater, surfing style.

Interviewer: So do you think that's what makes you different, that you're sort of astray, "I'm a surfer, not on the modeling wave, and it worked out?

Marlon: Well, possibly.

Interviewer: So if you go on a photo shoot to meet Karl Lagerfeld, you would go wearing sneakers or flip flops without a problem

Marlon: Sure, if 's summer, I'll go with flip flops and jeans.

Interviewer: This is what makes him different, guys.

Interviewer: How was it working with Lea T., was it a big rampage on her for the pictures, did you feel very calm and comfortable?

Marlon: It was super normal, like working with any other person that was a man, woman, model or not, so it was very normal.

Interviewer: So being professional on the beach, it was your "happy place"

Marlon: I felt at home, everything was going right.

Interviewer: Now tell me about the music in your life, your surfing music and your modeling music...

Marlon: I love rock, I think with my life today, I have a lot more anxiety so I like just getting my IPod and listening to rock, like Morrison, a band that I'm crazy for also that's a bit old is Collective Soul, so I think that when I'm more anxious, I listen to a lot of rock.

Interview: And before catching a wave, is it the same type of music?

Marlon: It depends because sometimes I listen to some Black Sabbath before going into the water, or listen to some electronic...

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I'll never understans models.com ranking ... Marlon should be way higher than #35! But i think they're going to launch a Sexiest Male Models top too, if they do it Marlon should be at least Top 5

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Hello guys. I'm not a Marlon fan, but I do like him. So, I'm portuguese, and I found this facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002549965458

I bet this is not the only person pretending to be Marlon, but usually, people just upload his photos and change the name. This guy is really pretending to be Marlon himself. So, I think I should tell you here, cause it would be great if someone out there with Marlon's email or facebook could tell him about this. I hope he can do something about it.

Kiss for everyone here.

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That's not only one,there's more then 70 fake Marlon Teixeira Facebook acounts

Yes, I thought about that. But it makes me angry looking how this f*cking asshole has thousands of friends who truly believe he's Marlon. Anyways, I was just saying x)

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