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Monica Bellucci vs. Angelina Jolie

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Monica Bellucci vs. Angelina Jolie  

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  1. 1. Monica Bellucci vs. Angelina Jolie

    • Monica Bellucci
    • Angelina Jolie

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Ooooh, this is really hard. My two favorite actresses. Both women just ooze sex appeal.

Face: I give Monica a slight edge for her face (love her dark, dark hair and her gorgeous brown eyes and those heart-shaped lips :kiss: ). Jolie also has a beautiful face -- big lips, cat-like eyes, amazing cheek bones.

Bodies: Both have amazing bodies, but Jolie has been pregnant a lot lately (or so it seems) and when she's not pregnant, she's been a little bit on the thin side. However, Monica is getting older, but she still remains curvy and womanly.

I also love Monica's sexy Italian accent and her ability to speak French fluently. :drool:

So.. even though I really :wub: them both, I'll have to pick Monica, but only by a little bit. Her accent and her feminine curves push the vote.

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Monica, no contest. Angelina has that "evil vixen" image which is not all that appealing to me. Monica is naturally beautiful, she has a more "classic" type of beauty, if you know what I mean... and she's still amazingly sexy and seductive in her 40's...

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Angelina Jolie just does it for me....I look at her and I am wow'd...she dosent have to be wearing makeup or fancy clothes...she can stand tehre holding her kids and I am awed by her.

Monica is up there...man is she up there....but Angelina just inspires lust in me no matter what :laugh:

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