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Last movie you saw...


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^Thoughts? :)


With the cast it's packing and the fascinating true story behind it, it's a movie that could and should have been a cracker. It does have a certain easy-going charm that makes it very watchable, but it's no classic. :mellow:


Interesting! I know it was slated for an award season release but got moved..hmm.

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^My teacher was telling us about that movie a while back. I been meaning to watch it one day especially since I heard such good things about it and I like films that really tell a story and really have meaning/message to them. Although I'm pretty sure it's going to be one of those movies that makes me cry my eyes out.


THG: Catching Fire: I really enjoyed it from the beginning to the end even more so than the first one. The acting was pretty good too especially from JLaw. I hope this streak continues with the franchise and the third one is just as good if not better than this one.


Ride Along: I thought was going to be kind of meh on this movie at first, but actually ended up really enjoying it. Kevin Hart was a mess and funny/silly as always :D. Ice Cube was Ice Cube as always but, him and Kevin made a pretty good duo...... dare I say even a little better than him and Mike Epps. 

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12 Years a Slave: Incredibly moving, super terrible movie..I mean terrible in a way thats cringworthy, its just terrible to think how we used to treat people. Lupita was great, I know she won the Oscar for it, but honestly she was in the movie for like a total of 3 minutes and spoke twice.  The rest of the time she was crying. Great performances, and I expected it to be realllyyy boring at times, but stayed tense throughout. Chiwetel was GREAT. :thumbsup:



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