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Mimi Blix


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Mimi Blix

Name: Miriam Blix Mutabazi

Born: 1. September 1991 in Askim, Norway

Nationality: Norwegian

Measurements: 79-59-88

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 180 cm

Agencies: IMG model agency

Mimi Blix is born 1. September 1991 in Askim, Norway.

She is of African and Norwegian roots. Her father is from Uganda and mother from Norway. She has one older sister, Nani Blix Mutabazi.

She started as a child model when she was only 4 years old in some fashion show, not much but in some local shows. She is also a former ballet dancer.

It was photographer Viggo Jensen who discovers her, and he got her in to a modeling agency in Fredrikstad. She started autumn 2007 and it did not take long before she was discovered by a photographer in Oslo, Morten Kvale, and she was send to Paris for test shoots. She has been seen in Norwegian magazines like Henne and Elle.


She like and look up to models like Tyra Banks and Kate Moss. She has one older sister, Nani Blix Mutabazi.




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Either models are getting younger or I'm getting older. :ninja: Birthdate of 1991?! Man, they are young! I remember when all the models were older than me. Now I'm older than a lot of them!

Anyway, Mimi is very pretty. I see a combo of Leona Lewis and Tyra Banks in her. ;) Can't wait to see more of her.

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Interview Translated by Yngvil of tfs :flower:


-She's dreaming of becoming a Victoria's Secret model, but she doesn't want to be a glamour model, to be a fashion model is her goal

-She's been in a recording studio singing, but has no current plans of continuing with music

-When she's been modeling in Asian countries, she's been told that she's too dark-skinned, and that she should straigthen her hair

-She landed the first page of the Indian magazine Kingfisher, to the great annoyance of another fellow model which was Indian, called Monikangana Dutta . When Mimi tried to take her picture with a private camera, Monikangana told Mimi to get the f*** out of her face

-Bryan Adams shot Mimi for Spanish Marie Claire, and Mimi says it's her funniest shoot to date

-She says it's worst to do shows and shoots in France, because the people in the industry there are very bossy and cold

-She's done a lot of modelling for free, but she's just started to make some decent money

-She says she haven't really seen a lot of drugs in the industry yet, she has been offered drugs at fashion parties, but when she's said no, they don't bother her anymore

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