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Models from the Eighties


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susanne lanza

DUDE. i just saw a WALMART back to school commercial where suzanne lanza was the

money saving mother, sending her son off to a new year of school.i choked on my

bagel, thats for sure :ninja:

she is still a very pretty woman, but theyve plucked her brows into oblivion <one of her most distinctive features>

now she looks like..... a mom. which i suppose there is nothing wrong with that. :yes:

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i need help with this old versace ad.... christy and paulina are obvious... but the girl with

the black bob...i reme...mber she was from iceland.... buti cant remember her name

if anyone has an idea....??????


it's Brynja



Brynja Sverris

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Thanks for Nina Klepp's ID. I never managed to find out who she is.

You are welcome :wave: Actually this lady had some notoriety in France in the early eighties after posing for a man magazine, she even made a record :blink: no need to say that it did not reach the top of the charts :laugh:

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