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  1. helenalover

    Tereza Maxová

    mind blown at all the amazing new Tereza additions last few months! thank you
  2. helenalover

    Gail Elliott

    Oh my word! MissParker and everyone else - amazing new additions! Keep it coming!
  3. helenalover

    Beri Smither

    Fabulous - she looks amazing
  4. helenalover

    Helena Christensen

    she looked amazing last night. I do miss her more bohemian style from when she was younger, wearing a lot of black for events in previous years (but still looking fab as always)
  5. helenalover

    Gail Elliott

    thanks specdude for hunting down and posting all these amazing videos. It is such a pleasure to come to this thread and see how much it has grown in the past few weeks. Thanks to all!
  6. helenalover

    Helena Christensen

    as always, thanks a million for the amazing images!
  7. helenalover

    Carla Bruni

    much gratitude Sanja! Thank you for those x
  8. helenalover

    Carla Bruni

    like the fringe on her x
  9. helenalover

    Karen Mulder

    WOW - that Elle Portugal, December 1988, must have been her first "BIG" cover ??? X
  10. helenalover

    Helena Christensen

    Hi Angel! Welcome back after all this time! -amazing new/never seen stuff - that IN cover is gorgeous!!!
  11. helenalover

    Helena Christensen

    Wow! she is looking incredible. love seeing her with Christy
  12. helenalover

    Helena Christensen

    Wow! she looked incredible
  13. helenalover

    Gail Elliott

    OMG!!!!! Gail heaven! After all these years - finally these long lost editorials! Thanks so much RocketQueen xxx
  14. helenalover

    Ludmila Isaeva Malahova

    Hey! So glad to see Ludmila getting some love! Unfortunately girls above is Kim Renneberg not Ludmilla. It is also not Ludmila in the "The Artists Muse" post xxx
  15. helenalover

    Gail Elliott

    It really saddens me how little there is available of Gail's editorial work -between this and TFS we all have barely scratched the surface of the amount of work she did.